Monday, May 15, 2017

"Faith In A Box"~ Proxxon and Plaid Paints Design Team Project by Sherri Welser

"Faith In A Box"

 With Proxxon  Tools and Plaid  Folk Art Paints
by Sherri Welser

Creating this unique and fun wooden box project  " Faith In A Box"with Proxxon Tools and Plaid paints!  I love sweet little wooden boxes and wanted to find a way to paint and embellish and create that "Vintage" look. Using Plaid Folk Art  Brushed  metal paints , Proxxon Delta Sander, fun techniques and embellishments, I was very pleased with the outcome!

Wooden box ( hinged) Approx 5 x 3
Tissue paper ~Vintage design
Mat medium gel
Clear crackle paint
Sepia stamp pad
Bits and pieces of old jewelry
Inspiration metal words
E-6000 adhesive

1) Paint the wooden box with  the copper metallic paint.

2)Brush the clear crackle gel over the paint and let dry.

3) Cover the inside of the box with the tissue paper. Gluing down with the mat medium.

4) Using  the Proxxon Delta sander, sand the corners and edges to create that "worn look"

5)When crackle paint is dry, randomly brush the outside with the sepia ink pad to create that aged look. Add some of the  Gold Brushed  metallic paint for highlights.

6)Decorate the top and front of the box with metal inspirational words and jewelry pieces gluing in place with the E-6000 adhesive.

You now have a sweet little box of your own to store special trinkets!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to Make a Wine Caddy

This wine caddy is sure to be hit for those spring and summer picnics.


Proxxon Tools:

  1. Apply the pattern to the craft plywood. Cover the surface of the wood with painter's tape. Next, spray the back of the pattern with spray adhesive, and put that on top of the painter's tape. The spray adhesive holds the pattern in place, and the painter's tape makes removing it a breeze.
  2. Use the band saw to cut the outer oval,
  3. Cut the notches for the wine glasses on the band saw.
  4. Use the rotary tool mounted in the drill stand to drill a pilot hole in the center circle that will accommodate the neck of the wine bottle. Pass the blade of the scroll saw through the pilot hole.
  5. Cut the wine bottle circle and the circles at the end of the notches with the scroll saw.
  6. Sand any rough spots with the Delta sander.
  7. Paint the wine caddy with FolkArt Color Shift acrylic paint.
  8. Place the wine caddy on the neck of a bottle of wine, and hand the wine glasses in the notches.
You can dress up the wine caddy with a spectacular bow for a fabulous presentation. 

Enjoy your picnic!!


Friday, May 12, 2017

My new Table Saw From Proxxon Tools Did This!!

I am so excited to write this post about the awesome bird house that I created using my new Proxxon Table Saw.

Supplies needed for this project:

Proxxon Table Saw
Proxxon Jig Saw
Proxxon Drill
Old fence boards
Awl (for making pilot holes in the wood)
Finishing Spray/Sealer
Old hardware for embellishments
Some sort of sheet metal for the roof

This is one picture of the finished project.
But this was what it started out as:
I began by deciding how I wanted to fashion my birdhouse and measuring out the pieces. Once I had my measurements I began cutting out the pieces needed for the finished project.

Once the pieces were cut out I drilled a hole in the front piece by drawing a circle, using my Proxxon Drill to start a hole and using my Proxxon Jig Saw to cut the hole for the birds to go in and out.
I added the old fence gate handle to the front of the house by using my Proxxon Drill
to screw it in with the same old screws that I took out of it. Now the birds have a perch also!
The bottom piece of my birdhouse was left longer in the front to give it a little platform and to make it easier to open. The side pieces are longer than the front and back pieces and here it is propped up before I screwed the pieces together.
As you can see I cut the top of each side at an angle so that the roof would fit on perfectly.
  I took each side of the birdhouse and attached the old hardware pieces that I wanted to use before putting the sides together with screws.
As you can see I attached the bottom with a hinge so that the bottom would swing down to clean out the house and attached a hook and eye to the front to hold it shut. I spray sealed all of the wood so that it would withstand the elements and then attached the piece of metal for the roof.
Here it is at a different angle sitting on the railing of my deck. I had so much fun making this birdhouse and learning to use my Proxxon Table Saw! Any comments would be welcome on this project, but do go over and check out the Proxxon Tools!


Friday, May 5, 2017

Studio Sign

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with a sign I've created to hang outside my studio.

Starting with an old wood sign, I painted it with Plaid Milk Paint in Petticoat.  For a smoother finish, I sanded it with the Delta Sander, then repainted it with Petticoat Milk Paint.

I wanted a large initial so I die cut a large "S",  Using the negative as a stencil, I taped it to the sign then painted it with Plaid's Coastal Texture Paint in Seal Grey.

I removed the stencil and allowed it to dry.

Once dry, I covered the "S", then used another stencil with Plaid's Coastal Paint in Sea Mist.    I love the splatter look - reminds me of paint splatters - and it provides a little dimension.

I needed to enlarge the hole in the top of the board, so I used the Delta Jig Saw.

I painted Plaid's Milk Paint in Meeting House Blue around the edges of the sign.  Finally, I painted a layer of Milk Paint Finishing Oil on top.

Now it's ready to display and direct everyone to my studio.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Vintage White"~ Re Purposed Furniture with Proxxon Tools

"Vintage White"
Re-Purposed Furniture With Proxxon Tools

I love re purposing vintage furniture using chalk paint and Proxxon Tools! I had inherited a Duncan Fyfe Dining room set from my grandmother and for the past 8 years it has been in storage waiting to be renewed! Recently I decided to open up a store and  give new life to this vintage set but painting it white, sanding to give it a distressed look using  Proxxon Delta Sander OZI/E and painting with Ivory chalk paint.

Furniture piece of your choice
Proxxon Delta Sander OZI/E
Medium grit sandpaper
Chalk paint ( I used Ivory color)
Clear Chalk paint wax

1) Begin with a clean surface on your furniture and begin applying the chalk paint evenly. 
2) When dried apply a 2nd coat

3) Using the sander , attach the sand paper to the "shoe" or pad of the tool. I love the fact that velcro helps to keep the sandpaper in place!

4) Begin sanding just to highlight areas to show some age or to "distress" and do it fairly randomly.
5) When done sanding, wipe down with a clean cloth.

6) Apply the clear wax in a circular motion and let dry.
7) Come back in with a dry cloth and buff the piece.
Thats really all there is get this wonderful vintage look and  to give this lovely piece a new lease on life!!


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Use Proxxon Tools to Create a Rustic Patriotic Hanger

With Memorial Day coming up and Fourth of July here in no time, you can be ready with this rustic patriotic hanger. It's easy to make, and it is a good project for using up scraps

Supplies I Used:

Proxxon Tools I Used:

  1. Mark the 8" x 12" piece of wood using the following dimensions. 
  2. Use the Table Saw FET to cut these pieces. Adjust the blade height according to the thickness of your wood. The blade should be just a bit higher than the wood to ensure the saw cuts all the way through the wood.

  3. Using the Professional Rotary Tool mounted on the drill stand, drill holes as indicated on the diagram in Step 1. The holes in the red and white pieces are centered and ¼" from the top of the piece. The center hole in the blue piece is at 3½" and the holes on the right and left are 1¼" from each end. Two additional holes are drilled in the top of the blue piece 1½" from each end for the eye screws.

  4. Using the Scroll Saw DSH/E, cut the three stars.

  5. Use the Delta Sander to smooth any rough edges.

  6. Paint the blue and red pieces using FolkArt Ultra Dyes and the stars and white piece using white Folkart Acrylic Paint that has been thinned with water.

  7. Finish with a coat of Ultra Dye Varnish.

  8. Glue the stars in place. 

  9. Cut three 12" pieces of wire to attach the red and white pieces to the blue piece. Insert an end of wire through the front of each piece, and twist the ends together on the back. Trim excess wire. 

  10. Insert screw eyes in the top of the blue piece, and thread a length of wire through them for hanging.
Now you're ready to decorate for our patriotic holidays.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I Love You A Latte

Hello friends. Larissa here with you today. There is something about chalkboard signs that I love. Then you throw in a verse on Coffee and it makes it even better. Today I cut a piece of wood for a chalkboard sign for my coffee bar.

I used:
Proxxon Tools Scroll Saw DSH/E 
A scrap piece of plywood
Chalkboard Paint
Various Colors of Acrylic paint
Paint Brushes

I used the Scroll Saw to cut a circle type edge on the corners of the piece of plywood. I did not draw it out I just eyeballed it. Which you will see my eyes must have been off a little. :) 

I painted 2 coats of black chalk paint on the wood. 

I let it dry completely which actually took about 20 to 30 minutes. I then did the lettering and finished off with painting the coffee cups. 

I let it dry completely a few hours and then added it to my coffee bar. 

Let me tell you. This was so easy and I am really loving this Scroll Saw. I did use paint on this board but you could very well use chalk pens and change the saying on it regularly.

I hope you enjoyed my post today.
Have a wonderful day friends.

Larissa Pittman Muffins and Lace