Friday, November 6, 2015


A Tiny Tool Time "Chrismoose"

Hello everyone, Barbara Moore here and my project to share with you today is a cute little "Chrismoose" ornament. I have been making a lot of ornaments out of mini gourds in the past week. When I saw this particular mini gourd shape, the "Chrismoose" idea was born.

The supplies used used in this ornament were:
 1 mini gourd ornament
 1 small piece of masonite 1/8" thick
 small piece of fabric ( I used a tiny piece of fleece)
 med. sized pom pom
 2 jingle bells
 1 snowflake brad
  paint brushes

Tools used:
Proxxon Delta Sander  OZI/E
HSS Cutting blade for OZI/E ,  2 1/2"
Proxxon Jig Saw STS 12/E (This jigsaw has a rounded foot for curved surfaces)
Foot Switch FS (Is a perfect addition to that jigsaw so that you can operate it without having to turn loose of what you have in both hands lol) 

I started out with a plain mini bottle gourd which I painted brown:
I then drew a pattern of my moose antlers and copied it onto the masonite and cut it out with the jigsaw:
(That was just a pose for the camera)
I then took the sanding part off of the sander and attached the HSS Cutting Blade. This is an oscillating blade and it was so easy to work with! I used it to cut a slot in the top of the gourd:

After cutting the slot for the antlers, I attached the antlers:

I then painted the antlers brown and drilled four very tiny holes in the antlers in strategic spots to attach the jingle bells, snowflake and hook. I painted the face, attached the pompom for a nose and cut a small piece of fleece and tied it around his neck for a scarf.

Now, isn't this just the cutest little Chrismoose that you've ever seen? 
I really love using these new tools and can officially say that I totally endorse them. I'll be showing many more gourd projects created with them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!
Barbara Moore


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Carole Lassak said...

How creative!! Amazed at how you "see" an object when you look at a gourd.

Proxxon Tools said...

OMG cute

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SO Cute!!!!!