Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy Easter with Hot Wire Cutter

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with an Easter Egg.  Easter will be here shortly, but you still have time to create some Easter décor.  If you haven't tried to Hot Wire Cutter, you will love it.

I created a stencil using my Cricut then taped it to a panel of Smoothfoam.  Using the Hot Wire Cutter, I cut around the stencil.  Smoothfoam cuts like butter with the Hot Wire Cutter and I cut this egg in only a few minutes.

After removing the stencil, this is my Easter Egg.

The Easter Egg was painted with Gold Plaid Metallic Paint.

I placed the stencil back on the Easter Egg and added more color with additional Plaid Metallic Paints.

 Finally, I added some dew drops around the Easter Egg.  There are so many different egg possibilities when you create with the Hot Wire Cutter.

Happy Easter.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

How to Make an Easter Napkin Holder

This clever Easter napkin holder is sure to be a hit with youngsters and oldsters alike. It adds the finishing touch on your dining table.

Supplies and Equipment to Make the Easter Napkin Holder

Instructions for Making the Easter Napkin Holder

  1. Select a pattern for your napkin holder. There are four different Easter-themed patterns included. I've selected the rabbit for this project.
  2. Using the band saw, cut your wood or MDF to size according to the pattern you select. 
  3. Adhere your pattern to the substrate using painter's tape and adhesive spray. Cover the substrate with painter's tape. Lightly spray the reverse side of the pattern with adhesive, and mount onto the covered substrate. The adhesive spray holds the pattern in place, and the painter's tape makes removal easy.
  4. Using the professional rotary tool and drill stand, drill a pilot hole for interior cuts. Make sure that the pilot hole is large enough to accommodate the scroll saw blade.
  5. Cut out the piece using the scroll saw.
  6. Sand any rough edges with the Delta sander.
  7. Gently insert a strong floral pin into the napkin holder to facilitate painting and drying.
  8. Coat the napkin holder with a layer of white gesso. 
  9. Hang to dry.
  10. When the gesso is thoroughly dry, decorate your napkin holder. I chose to napkin collage mine using matte Mod Podge. Alternatively, you could paint the napkin holder adding embellishments of your choice—be creative!!
  11. Enjoy your Easter napkin holder.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Let's Celebrate!!

Time to Celebrate !

It's always time for celebrating something.  With holidays and birthdays, I thought it might be smart to make some décor that can be used many times during the year.  Kids are going to love this...because it involves CANDY!  And you are going to love it because it is all set and ready to go at a moment's notice.   And it is special, because you made it special!   It's also really fun to make!

Let's get started

Equipment:                                                             Supplies
Proxxon band saw                                                 1" thick pine board  (I used some scrap cut-offs)
Proxxon OZI/E detail sander                                 3/8" wood dowel
proxxon scroll saw                                                 wood glue
kapro 313 measure mate                                    plaid paints  (your choice of colors)                
drill and drill bits                                                    adhesive spray
                                                                               spray gloss/sealer

I'm all for easy, so the first thing I did was put my computer to work.  I used a program called "word" to create a font and size that I liked for my project then printed it out.

I used adhesive spray to affix it to the board.   Spray the board and wait a minute until it gets sticky then put your pattern down.   I found that it comes off pretty easy after you are done cutting, but just in case you can always hit it with a little heat from a hair dryer to loosen the hold.

Now comes the fun part!   I really enjoyed cutting the letters out using the proxxon band saw.  It cuts so smooth and is very quiet.  It puts me in Zen mode.  But, always be careful, watch where your fingers are at all times.

To make the interior cuts I brought out another Proxxon tool,

This is one of my favorite tools,  the proxxon scroll saw.  Actually the whole project can be done with this tool alone if you don't have a band saw, but I really liked the smooth quiet way the band saw was cutting.  To do an interior cut, first a pilot hole must be made.  I used a drill to make a hole then threaded my scroll saw blade through it and made the cut.  It's so simple, just follow the line.

WOW, look at all my letters!!   I really was in Zen mode.  LOL   I made letters to spell out "Happy"  "Birthday" and "Easter", because Easter is just around the corner.  When I get in the mood again I think I will cut out, "New Year", "Valentine's day" "Thanksgiving"  etc....   You only need a single "Happy".   In just a minute I will show you why.

  I sanded them all using the proxxon OZI/E detail sander
to get in all the nooks and crannies.


               Painting:   This is entirely up to you.   I went wild with my Plaid Paints.  I first applied a coat of white paint.  I found this makes the colors look brighter, then painted my letters keeping things bright and festive.  Then I sprayed them with krylon   triple   thick krystal clear to add a shine.

I cut 2 pieces of my pine board to fit the height and length of the words I made (Easter and Birthday)
(Happy does not require a board)   I painted these black as they will be background. then glued the letters to this board

Using the proxxon bandsaw again I cut 5 pieces of 3/8" dowel to approx. 1" long.  I set up a fence to help make them all the same.  These are the pegs I am going to attach to Happy. 

On  the bottom of each letter of Happy I drilled a 3/8" hole approx. 1/2" deep.  I glued my pegs into these holes and left them to dry.

Next I used my kapro measure mate 313 to find the center (of Birthday and Easter) so I could put my Happy in the middle.   Happy is going to sit on top of Birthday or Easter.

Then I drilled my 3/8"holes that the pegs will fit into.  I also drilled a 1/8" hole in the top of every letter where I can place lollipops.   Note.  A proxxon mini drill press would work great here to get the holes straight and the perfect depth.  I have a  proxxon drill press on my wish list.  

Also Note:   the kapro measure mate 313 has a neat little tool that comes with it that measures diameter for you.  I used this to get the right size drill bit for my dowel.

Okay now, choose your celebration.  Pop "Happy" into its place.  Get some lollipops or candles if you wish and make some little, or big kids happy.

PS.  Make it even easier on yourself, let the kids paint the letters..  :)

Catch ya next time   Carol

Thanks to all of our sponsors that make this blog possible, proxxon tools, kapro measuring tools, Plaid paints and craft supplies, and Terry Sproul, our mentor.  Creating is so much fun !!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Some really cool sconces made with the help of Proxxon Tools!

I hope this post finds everyone in warmer weather and ready for the arrival of Spring! I have been busy using my Proxxon Tools to create some sconces that will make you think Spring is just around the corner because it is!

Supplies needed for this project are:

2 Glass Mason Jars
2 Sets of hooks
Something to put around the jars to hang them
Wood for the back ( I used old fence board )
Assorted flowers
Glass marbles
2 Hangers of your choice for the backs
Wire brush

I started out by cutting down the fence board that I used in this project.

I used my Proxxon Jig Saw and then my Proxxon Band Saw to get the boards down to size so that I could work with them easier to get this project completed. After I cut the boards down, I used a wire brush and got all of the dirt off the boards. I then used the Plaid Coastal Paint to give the boards a distressed look. I also worked on painting the mason jars with the Plaid - Martha Stewart Sea Glass Paint and I used some wire that was wrapped with what looked like colored raffia to go around the mason jars and make hangers for them.

I used my new Kapro laser level to get my coat hangers lined up to put the screws in. I'm hoping you can see the line. Worked out great. I then put a bunch of blue and clear marbles into the mason jars and added the flowers .

I thought they turned out very pretty. I plan on hanging mine outside the front door for some Springtime decoration. I think they would look good just about anywhere you wanted to put them.

Please take the time to go to the page and check out their tools. Also we now have a new company, Kapro that sells levels of all kinds and of course Plaid Paints to see all of the new products that they are coming out with this year. 

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this sconce project. I welcome all of you. Glad you stopped by.


Friday, March 9, 2018

How To Make a Jewelry Board.

How to make a Jewelry Board

Girls got to have some bling!

Don't know about you but I have a lot of jewelry but wear only several favorite pieces. I have three or more places I keep them, three cases and a drawer or two.  Looking for a piece can be time consuming. This board will allow you to hang several necklace's and bracelet's in a quick and easy spot, plus they will not get all tangled up.

You could change knobs and hang anything you choose.

Tools required
Proxxon Detail Sander 
Proxxon Mini Band Saw
Hammer or staple gun

Frame mine came from thrift store $1.00
Pegboard, had a piece in shop.
Spray Paint for pegboard
plaid Décor Art indoor/outdoor Lemonade
Decorative hooks and or knobs

First I lightly sanded the frame using the Mini Sander and started to paint.
When I paint in yellows I use a white undercoat. The brightness of the yellow is better with any paint and it helps coverage. Had to go back and use undercoat of white.

Next I measured the pegboard in order to fit it inside the lip of the frame.
as well as having the right size to fit the frame.
 Using the Kapro313 measure mate.
Stress-free precise measuring was a snap.
Lip inside the frame. was 3/16" 313 measure mate

Measurement of a width of frame this is a really nifty tool. Am the worst at measuring,
and this makes it easy even for me.

Cutting the Pegboard on my Band Saw.
This made cutting a breeze, smooth as butter.

Next, I spray paint the board with a white enamel paint.

When the paint had dried, I stapled the board into the frame. and added the hooks and knobs.
Mine was not made for pegboard so they had to have nuts on the back to hold them in.

After I was ready to hang the board I used the  Kapro  810-pro-laser-nail-gripper tool.
Love this tool. It is easy to use and has both laser and bubble levels. This is going to come in really handy when I am trying to hang 30 or so paintings for the Art Odyssey tour of Studios.

Board is ready.  Now let's get it dressed!

 Three bracelets and six necklaces. Hang your go to pieces.
Switch them out for seasons or just for fun. No Tangles here to fight with before you can use them.

Quick and easy project inexpensive. Cost of knobs was the biggest 1.97 ea. at Walmart for hooks 
3.47. ea. for two packs of two knobs. 

I really have to thank the wonderful companies that are supporting this blog 
very supportive, and is you are wonderful and so are the tools.
Plaid Paints is
responsible for so much
of the paint brands available today. 
Kapro has excellent measuring devices for many applications. 

Thanks to the many that view this blog and comment.  You are the reason we are able to stay here.
We are most grateful for your time and consideration.
Last but far from least is Terri Sproul our mentor and point of contact for the
companies that support this blog.