Saturday, July 28, 2018

Ready for Halloween?


I know right? Who's working on Halloween in July? Well I thought it might be a good idea to get a start on one of the holidays that we have in the Fall because it seems as though they're here before you know it and I don't know about you but I'm never quite ready for them.

Supplies needed for today's project:

One cannonball gourd (yep that's the name of it)
Tea light or clip in light with cord or flashlight
(I decided not to use the flashlight after I had taken the picture)
hole saw

Do you see how round this gourd is? Hence the name cannonball gourd. I had these Plaid paints
out to use on this gourd but found my orange, black and white Plaid paints and used them instead. It's up to you as to what colors you use but I wholeheartedly recommend using Plaid paints for just about any project that you are working on. This is not a hard project and can be made in one day.

I first cleaned out the gourd which was rather easy because all the inside stuff was in one ball in the inside and I only had to break up the ball and pull out the pieces. Very little scraping on the inside.
I used my Proxxon Jig Saw when cutting out the eyes etc. and I drilled pilot holes with my Proxxon Rotary Tool for my saw first so that I didn't break any blades or the gourd. Cannonball gourds are dense but not thick so you need to use some care in cutting on them.

I used a hole saw blade to cut out the top and bottom holes (different sizes with the larger hole on top). And prior to cutting out the features I used a pencil to draw them on the gourd. Once the cutting was done my Plaid Paints finished everything off by giving the features life.

This is the gourd with a tealight in it.

And now with the light and cord in it.

And now in the dark! Do you see that small light on the upper right? It's a heart. I don't know what created it either, I just couldn't figure out where it came from. Do you think maybe the scary jack-o-lantern was happy that he was created?? Happy Halloween in July!

My Proxxon Tools and Plaid Paints made this project super easy. I think it would be easy for anyone with the right tools! Check out the Proxxon catalog and the Plaid website for some amazing products. Both great companies who are always creating new and wonderful products to make creating easier and definitely prettier.


Friday, July 27, 2018

How to Make Pins and Haiir Clips from Gourd Shards

Since we have 2 huge garbage cans of gourd shards, leftovers from our business,  we are always looking for things to make with them.
The hair clips and pins are so very easy to make and quick. You can paste pictures and seal,  draw, or paint pictures on them or whatever.   I chose to pour mine. 

Tools used for this project, as follows.
Backing for Pin
and Hair Clip
Supplies Used for this project, as follows
Dap all purpose glue (it bonds to almost everything including metal) and fast!!
 A mix of Purple and white for lavender Metallic Gold, and     a mix of soft green with white
Krylon Triple Thick to seal and finish

The first step was to make a few patterns that would lend themselves to hair clips and pins. 

I chose the bottom two designs.  When drawing, I folded the paper in half then cut it to get a symmetrical design.  I also checked it out with the   http://kapro.nail gripper and laser.

Moving right along we start cutting out the gourd shards
using the proxxon Jig Saw

This saw works so great on gourds and without a lot of damage in the process.
It is very user and gourd friendly.
After the pieces were  cut I used the  Proxxon OZI/E sander .
This  little sander a real workhorse. I use it so much and for so many things.

Next I started to base coat the shard pieces. I decided to play at this point. So I did not pour but instead used a brush to paint a thin coat which was not a smooth but splotchy. I liked the way the gourd showed through so left it. I had a idea for when I added color.



 I liked what I saw, maybe a tad weird but oh well so am I.

I thought that if I just dropped a little color on some of the unpainted spots it would make a interesting pattern.
As you can see in the finished pieces it did that.

I was happy with the way they turned out .

Last, but necessary, the backs had to be glued onto the Gourd Shards.

I wanted to make sure the entire hardware got glued on tight so curved it a little and 'after applying the glue I held them tight to the gourd with Hemostats and clothes pins. High tech! lol.

Once dry, they stayed and I don't think they will come off easily.
That's it in a nut shell, simple as pie.

Thank you for  visiting and appreaicite your comments. You are what keeps us going with this blog.
Also would like to thank Plaid Paints for their support and for the products they provide us to do these blog.

proxxon. is a great company to blog for, their tools are easy to work with and well  made. It really does make the blogs a pleasure to work on. We get great support and enjoy the blogs.
KAPRO is a great company with excellent measuring tools., so  am happy with all of our sponsors.

To Terri Sproul I  say enjoy your trip !! Have Fun and we will hold the fort at this end. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement  you give us..

Friday, July 20, 2018

Game day coasters

Football season is fast approaching!   For all you fans, or friends of fans out there, I have an easy project this week to get you ready for the game.
  Let's make some team coasters.   Construction is simple using proxxon tools.

Let's get started:    What do we need?

1- sign stake.  Or long wood piece that can be cut into a1/2" x 1/2" strip.
3- 6" long 3/8" diameter dowels
beads and/or spacers of your choice
wood glue
Plaid paints  "Team colors"   I used red and black.

Proxxon mini table saw
Proxxon OZI/E delta sander
Kapro's measure mate 313
drill and 3/8" drill bit.

Now let's do it!  Here are 2 wooden stakes.  They are made to post signs on.  They are  1"x1/2"x36" long.   One post will make 1 coaster.  2 posts will make 3 coasters.  😁

First thing to do is to cut them lengthwise down the center.  This will give you two long pieces measuring 1/2" x 1/2".   I used the Proxxon mini table saw for this.  Just set the fence 1/2" from the blade and push the stick through.  I left about 2 inches uncut at the end. This will help keep the 2 pieces lined up when I go to drilling.     Be sure to use the push stick.  This would be way too close to risk fingers!  

Using the Kapro measure mate 313 it is easy to mark your measurements.  I decided on a 4 " length, found the center and marked off 3/4" increments from the center.  This left 1/2" at each end.  Perfect!!  The centering side of that measuring tool sure came in handy.

Before we cut our segments, lets drill our holes.
I placed our strips (turned on their side so we are going to drill through the 2 pieces at the same time), on top of a scrap piece of wood.  Then I clamped another piece of wood for a straight edge to slide my piece along.  This makes it easy to drill a lot of holes in a hurry.   No need to keep aligning the center. Proxxon makes a mini drill press that would be awesome here!  It's on my wish list. 

Back to the mini table saw to cut our pieces into the 4" lengths
we measured earlier.

Now to sand everything smooth with the Proxxon OZI/E delta sander
It even smooths out the little holes!

Now lets put it together.  I think this picture is worth a thousand words.  Simply stated push the dowels through the holes and use the beads as decorative spacers.  I chose black because this is going to be an Arkansas razorback coaster.  Black and red are their colors.  I am going to paint the wood pieces red.  (probably should have done it before putting it together.....😨) 
 Oh well, I know it will work out anyway.

There you go. ↓ It's done, well the first one is done.  I need to make 3 more.  But this was easy enough.  It will be super easy to make some small gifts for your special "fans".

  Hey who drank my beer? and what channel is the game on?

Thanks everyone for visiting,  Thanks Proxxon, for making tools that make it so easy to make stuff.  Thanks Plaid for your wonderful paints. and Kapro, your measure mate 313 which made this project so easy to measure out accurately.  
 Catch ya next time   Take care, have some fun, be brave and make something.  Carol

Thursday, July 19, 2018

How to create fancy mushrooms with Proxxon Tools

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today using Proxxon tools to create a Fancy Mushroom sign.

Plaid Coastal Paint
The Crafter's Workshop Stencil
Imagine Crafts Ink

I started by drawing the pattern on my wood.  Then I used the Scroll Saw to cut the pattern.

I used the Delta Sander to sand the mushrooms.

Next, I used the Pen Sander to get into the tiny areas.

I painted the mushroom bases with Plaid Coastal Paint in Seal Grey.  Then painted the tops green.

I used a stencil with molding paste to create a pattern on the mushroom tops.  Next, I lightly inked the edges.  To finish, I added chipboard elements for a whimsical effect.  

Now it sits in front of my front stoop.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

How to Make a Wood Cheese Board with Resin Inlay

I love cheese!! And I like to present it on a beautiful cheese board. I added a resin inlay on this cheese board.

Supplies and Equipment for Making the Cheese Board with Resin Inlay

Instructions for Making the Cheese Board with Resin Inlay

  1. Use the bandsaw to cut your piece of wood to size. I use a scrap from a hard maple stair tread.
  2. Sand the edges of the board using the disc sander.
  3. Secure the board to a work table, and router the edges. I used a 45° angle cutter bit.
  4. Measure and mark the longitudinal center line. Then, on each side measure and mark a line half way from the center line and the edge. You now have three parallel lines. These serve as boundaries for the resin channel.
  5. With a core box router bit, rout your design. I chose to do a freehand design. Alternatively, you can pencil a design to follow with the router.
  6. With the Delta sander, sand any rough edges from the routed channel.
  7. Mix clear resin according to manufacturer's directions. Add appropriate resin dye, if desired.
  8. Slowly pour the resin into the channel, allowing the resin to dome. Let resin fully cure overnight.
  9. With the Delta sander, using progressively finer grits of sandpaper—80, 150, 220, and finishing with 320—sand the top of the cheese board. 
  10. Finish with several coats of a food-safe paste wax.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

How to make a Summer Basket out of Wood

I believe this basket turned out really well and it really isn't that hard to create, using your Proxxon ToolsPlaid Mod Podge Glossy, Plaid Paints and the Kapro Measure Mate.  You too can make this with just a little effort. Give it a try and see!

Supplies Needed for this Project:

Dowel Rod (2 sizes)
Piece of 1 X 8 wood
Birch Panel
White Gesso
Paint brushes
Decorative Napkins
Small nails
Nail gun (you can use nails and a hammer too)
Xacto knife

To start with you need to cut out all your pieces of wood.
I used my Kapro Measure Mate to do all the measuring that I needed done. I used my Proxxon Table Saw cut a piece off of my 1 X 8 that was 11 1/2 inches long.
I used my band saw to cut the 7/8 inch dowel, 9 1/2 inches long for the handle and then 2 pieces of the  1/4 inch dowel, 1 3/4 inches long to hold the handle.

Using your Proxxon Table Saw and your Proxxon Band Saw  from a 1/4 inch thick birch panel cut the following: 2 pieces 12 inches X 5 inches with a 1 inch rise from each end along the top edge for the sides and 2 pieces 7 1/4 inches X 5 inches for the ends. Drill a 7/8 inch hole in the center of both of the side pieces and 1 1/2 inches from the top on the center line. Drill a 1/4 inch hole, 3/4 of an inch from each end of the 7/8 inch dowel to hold the 7/8 inch dowel handle in place.

Take your Proxxon Delta Sander and sand any rough edges on the cut pieces on the ends and also on the wood itself so that you aren't trying to paint on anything rough. Use your Proxxon Rotary Tool to smooth out the holes you drilled into the side pieces for your dowel. I gessoed all of the pieces white before I did any painting as it makes the paint stick better and be smoother. I then painted my basket bottom on both sides and the inside other four pieces of the basket itself with Plaid Indian Red Paint. I separated the napkins which I chose for this project and applied them to the outside of the wood pieces with Plaid Mod Podge, After the napkins were dry I trimmed off any excess napkin with an xacto knife and I painted my dowel pieces with the Plaid Moon Yellow Paint. I nailed all of the pieces together and then painted the top outside edges of the basket with the Plaid Moon Yellow Paint. I inserted the 7/8 dowel through the holes in the basket and put the 1/4 inch dowels through the holes in each end. I used my Plaid Paints to touch up any area that needed it.

Completed basket! Doesn't it look great? I loved the way that it turned out and I used several of the Proxxon tools, the Kapro Measure Mate and Plaid Mod Podge and Paints. You can make a similar basket and either paint something on it or use napkins like I did to make it your own. Check out all of the fine tiny tools with big character at: Proxxon Tools , Kapro Products and also the Plaid Products that were used in this project. A big thanks to all three of these companies for supplying the products that we use in our projects. Please leave me a comment below as I do read all of them and appreciate them very much.