Friday, September 22, 2017

A wonderful Halloweenie/Fall Mask

My Proxxon Tools have helped me make a really awesome Fall/Halloweenie type mask for this post! I love the Fall time of year with all the colors and smells and food that goes with it, not to mention the Holidays. This mask pretty much takes you through a large part of Fall.

These are the supplies that you need:

Proxxon Delta Sander
Proxxon Jig Saw
Alcohol Inks
Acrylic Paint
Glitter Paint
Paint brush
Fall foliage
Leather lace

I started out with a cleaned gourd (outside). I then cut it down the middle and cleaned out the insides. We know by now what the messy insides look like don't we? Please wear a respirator whenever you cut, clean or carve on a gourd. Anything which causes dust from the gourd to be discharged into the air. You really don't want the gourd dust to enter your lungs because it can cause what they call gourd pneumonia. Once I had cleaned the insides out of the gourd halves, I sanded any rough edges and I painted the back or inside part of the gourds orange and when that dried I painted glitter paint on top of the orange paint. It made for a nice glittery orange color on the inside of the mask. After that was finished, I inked the front or outside of the halves with alcohol inks in an orange and then a caramel color. When all was dry I drew a jack-o-lantern face on the front or outside of the gourd and cut it out.
These are the gourd masks finished to this point. I then drilled a hole in the top front of the gourd and

a hole on either side of the gourd at the top. I used some black paint to paint the inside of the cutouts. I then put the leather lace through to make a hanger. The first hole that I made I put some floral embellishment in.

Now isn't this just cute?  Put you a battery powered tea light inside the mouth and I wouldn't just hang it for Halloween, oh no I would hang it from the first day of Fall to a couple of days after Halloween or until I could get something up for Thanksgiving. See how simple some things can be made with the aid of Proxxon Tools ? You need to really think hard about that Proxxon Jig Saw cause it's perfect.


How to create a Fall Theme Folding Screen

How to make a decorative folding  Screen using my  Proxxon tiny Tools

Finished  Project Titled Happy Fall Ya,all
Designed by Misty Orlove

Materials used and needed

!. Suitable wood for screen,  size your discretion.
6 hinges
Templet for making perfect curves. Not required but handy.
Krylon Crystal clear Spray
 Plaid paints I used many colors which I will discuss later.
Wood burner (Optional)  

Proxxon Delta sander

Proxxon Jig saw

proxxon   tiny Table saw

First steps
The wood was measured to a size I wanted the screen to be and cut on the proxxon tiny table saw.

I then used the templet to add the curves to the wood.

Templet for making perfect curves.

Mark the curves on all boards

Cut the curves out using proxxon   jig saw

Don't forget your mask when sanding or cutting.

Next a proper and careful sanding
using a proxxon delta sander

Using colors, you can choose your own favorites. I will share a few of the ones used throughout this project.

I started by drawing the design free hand on each board.

This was the progress on the design.

I chose to do the fence first, if had it to do again I would do background first.
Colors used for the fence

folk art Pickling Stormy Sky
Pickling Driftwood
and Folk art Steel Gray

For the sky I used
folk art Baby Blue mixed with True blue
I used Plaid Paints for the entire project. The Martha Stewart's paints were new to me.  I really love them as well as the Pickling Paints. When I found the paint was a little thick for what I wanted I used an additive blender to thin to a suitable point.  Love the coverage it gave me.
For the grass I used Plaid Paints Old Ivy and Thicket Green folk art paint. I added some Cinnamon to get shading and Apple Barrel Pale Daffodil  by plaid for highlights.
I mixed colors to get the golden background & fields and also for the  floating for pumpkins.
For the Pumpkins I used Martha Stewarts Blood Orange and Apple Barrel Pumpkin.
Blanco mimbre (white) was used throughout the project.

I completed the three boards

Almost Finished

Almost Finished and adding hinges

Completed Project

Please feel free to use any design to fit this board can be used for all seasons. Can add two seasons, one on front one on back.

I just used a solid blue background.

This makes a great Christmas screen or Halloween witches and cats if you prefer.
The idea is to have fun and enjoy.  Projects are easy using Proxxon tiny tools.
Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

How to Make a Whimsical Chick with Proxxon Tools

Whimsical and primitive home decor items are great items for a beginner to make using their Proxxon tools. The lines don't have to be perfectly cut. Finish designs allow for wide interpretation. In fact, a bit of irregularity adds to the charms of fanciful decoration. Here's a whimsical chick to get you started.

Supplies and Equipment to Make the Whimsical Chick

Instruction for Making the Whimsical Chick

  1. Cut lengths of MDF on the table saw. The ¾" thick piece is for the chick's body, tail, beak, and comb. The ¼" thick piece is for the wing and feet.
  2. Print the pattern and adhere to the appropriate pieces of MDF. Cover the surface of the MDF with painter's tape. Next, spray the back of the pattern with spray adhesive, and adhere pattern to top of the painter's tape. The spray adhesive holds the pattern in place, and the painter's tape makes for easy removal.
  3. Use the band saw and scroll saw to cut out the shapes. I like to cut the straight lines on the band saw, and the curves on the scroll saw.
    Cutting curves on scroll saw
    Cutting straight lines on the band saw
  4. Arrange the body, tail, beak, and comb pieces for adding positioning marks for support pegs.
  5. With the pieces in position, scribe two matching lines on the body and accessory piece. Additionally, mark two holes on the bottom of the body piece and the center top of each foot for the "leg" cords that attach the feet.
  6. Transfer the markings to the sides of each piece.
  7. Mark the center of the width.
  8. The intersections of the positioning marks and center line mark the holes for support pegs.
  9. Using the professional rotary tool and drill stand, drill 1/8" holes for support pegs and cording to attach the feet.
  10. Coat all the pieces with gesso.
  11. When the gesso is dry, paint the pieces in your choice of colors.
  12. Glue the support pegs into tail, beak, and comb pieces, and attach to body. Glue cording for the legs in place at the bottom of the body and top of the feet.
  13. After the glue is dry, have fun decorating your whimsical chick. I used a combination of vinyl, paints, and beads on my chick.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Stencilled Fall Platter

Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here today working with my Proxxon Tools and Plaid Paints and stencils to create a fun Fall Platter.

The air is cooler.  The days are shorter.  It's officially Fall and time to get ready for the season.

I thought I'd create a Fall Platter that could be used for a variety of purposes from holding holiday decorations.

Perhaps even to hold seasonal fruits and veggies.

I began by sanding the platter with the Delta Sander, definitely my go-too tool for all my projects.

Next, I used the Pen Sander to sand the edges.  This tool is perfect for all those little areas you need to sand.

Once sanded, I began by painting the platter with Folk Art Milk Paint in Tavern Ale.

Next, I painted the bottom of the platter with Folk Art Milk Paint in Absinthe.

I decorated the platter with a Folk Art Stencil.  Using a foam brush, I mixed  Folk Art Brushed Metal Acrylic Paints in  Brushed Copper and Brushed Gold and Folk Art Color Shift Acrylic Paint in Red Flash and Green Flash.    These colors are truly vibrant and showcase the colors of the season.

Once dry, I painted on a layer of Milk Paint Finishing Oil and allowed it to dry.

I love how this platter turned out and see lots of ways to use it this season.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Live Love Bark

Hello friends. Larissa here today with another fun wood project.

This is a little wood bone sign for a friend who is a dog lover like me.

What I used: 

Other products: 
Small Piece of Plywood 
Plaid Chalk Paint Brushes
Chalk Pen in White
Felt Flowers

First I cut the bone out of a thin piece of plywood using my Scroll Saw.

I then smoothed the edges and any rough spots with the Delta Sander. 

I then applied 2 coats of the Black Chalk paint to cover the bone. Once is was dry I used my White Chalk Pen and wrote the words out across the front and outlined it with some white dots. 
I also added a bunch of felt flowers to the top and adhered them with hot glue. 

I placed a little hook in the back so it can be hung. 

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Have a wonderful day friends. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

How to Repurpose and Reuse a 100 yr old quilt box with Proxxon

Let me show you an easy and simple way to transform your 100 yr old quilt box with your Proxxon Delta Sander and some beautiful chalk paint from Plaid.

Supplies needed for this project:

Proxxon Delta Sander
Plaid Chalk Paint
Plaid Brush for chalk paint
Damp rag for removing dust

This was a very large and heavy quilt box that had been made by the grandfather of a friend of mine. Very primitive work, so shirt sleeves rolled up I sanded the whole thing along with the wooden top that went with it. Sand, sand, sand and then wipe everything down with a damp rag so that no dust was left behind.
Let the sanding begin!
The Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint is really wonderful stuff, thick and creamy. It goes on smoothly with the Paint Brush that Plaid sells.
Let the painting begin!
Here's the finished project. I'm trying to decide whether to stencil on the outside and decoupage the inside or leave it as is with a coat of wax on the outside. What do you think? Please check out the Proxxon Tools page, and also the Paints and other products on the Plaid page and come up with some repurposing and reusing ideas of your own. Let us see what you've made on the Proxxon Fans facebook page. In the meantime leave me a comment if you will.