Friday, February 26, 2016

How about some Yard Birds?

I had a request for a few of my funky yard birds at a place where I sell my gourd art. They were putting up a display for Spring. So, I've been working diligently this week on six new yard birds!

Items used for this project are:

6 pieces of gourd tops that were left over from other projects
6 med. gourds that have curved tops
Proxxon Jigsaw for gourds
Super Glue or equivalent
Assorted Enamel Acrylic Paints and Paint Pens
Outdoor Sealer
Garden Stakes (I used Miracle Grow 3' stakes)

I started out by using my Proxxon Jigsaw to cut the left over gourd tops down to the right size:

I then held a piece of sandpaper over the end of the gourd and rubbed my gourd top piece back and forth to get it shaped to the gourd. I then glued the piece to  the gourd and filled in the crack with Quikwood.

I also used Quikwood to make a beak for the bird. I then drilled a hole in the bottom of my bird and inserted the stake that would be pushed into the ground and hold the "Yard Bird" up. Once I got the parts put together and added onto my "Yard Bird" I proceeded to paint them with different designs.

I then put several coats of sealer on them and these are a few of the "Yard Birds" in their completed state:

These "Yard Birds" which have actually been made from gourds and gourd pieces that can be put out in your flower bed for the Summer. Once the season is over though it is best if you bring them in, wipe them off and seal them again before putting them out in your flower bed for another Summer! I love using my Proxxon Jigsaw for gourds when I work and I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to use one. You really need to check out all the tools at , you'll have a wish list in no time!



Terri Sproul said...

OMG, cute

Whitley Gibson said...


Unknown said...

Whimsical! I need to learn from you!

Steph Ackerman said...

Wow, adorable!

IndigoEarth said...

Love these!!:)

the PaperTemptress said...

oh my your birds are just way too much them!

the PaperTemptress said...

oh my your birds are just way too much them!