Friday, June 9, 2017

Check out this cool picture frame made with my Proxxon Tools!

I've got to say, since I received my Proxxon Tools my mind has definitely been thinking outside the box when coming up with new projects. This project was a lot of fun and I love the result.

Supplies used in this project:

Proxxon Table Saw
Proxxon Drill & bits
Thin piece of board
Old piece of wood (I used an old fence panel)
Plaid Mod Podge
Decorative Paper
Foam Brush
Mini Clothespins
E6000 Glue

Start by cutting your wooden pieces out with your Proxxon Table Saw.

Once you have them cut, you will need to cut an additional wedge shaped piece. Then you must get some pilot holes started with a drill bit and screw your wedge shaped piece to the old piece of wood.
You will want to take your thinner, smaller piece of wood and use your Plaid Mod Podge to adhere your decorative paper to it and once dry to give a couple of light coats of the Plaid Mod Podge, drying between each coat.
After your decorative piece is finished you need to glue on the mini clothespins as seen in the above picture and then use your E6000 to attach the decorative board to the old board.
Quite different isn't it? When everything has dried you just need to pick a picture out and clip it in the mini clothespins.
This is now sitting on my mantel with a picture of a very special young man in it. Now I have an easy way to change the picture out whenever I want. I hope you liked this tutorial and that you go on over to to see the large variety of tools that they have to offer. You too could be making special things that you weren't sure you could make.



Whitley Gibson said...

Cute kid. Love it!

Misty said...

That is very nice and would make a special gift for someone with a special child or person they might want to use the frame for.
Love what you can do with these tools. Great tools and Great work

Marsha King said...

That's pretty cool!

Carol Wulf said...

Inspirational. It was just an old piece of forgotten wood now transformed into a special piece of art that gets to live in the home with people to look lovingly at it often. Lucky piece of wood!!! Nice work. I love it when something old and forgotten gets new life. Looks easy to make with the right tools. :-)