Friday, June 23, 2017

The coolest painted rock shadowbox made with Proxxon Tools!

Once again I've completed an amazing project with my Proxxon Tools. This one was fun and quirky too! I had planned on making something very simple but it morphed into more.

The supplies needed for this project:

Proxxon Drill
Proxxon Table Saw
Proxxon Scroll Saw
Wood pieces for shadowbox construction
Canvas Board
Acrylic Paints
E6000 Glue
Upholstery Tacks
Small lightweight brad gun
Regular Masking Tape
Plaid Coastal Paint Lagoon
Plaid Color Shift Paint-Black

Lately I've been having my husband save all the little pieces of leftover wood that he has from his projects and so I picked out a couple pieces that I thought would work for a shadow box. I first had to use my Proxxon Table Saw to slice off some of the wood to make the board even.
I then measured my wood pieces to the width and length that I was going for to fit the canvas board. I set my Proxxon Table Saw machine up to cut 45 degree angles and cut four pieces which could then be put together to form the beginning of the shadowbox. I used my husband's brad gun which is not a heavy duty one to put small nails into my wood to make the sides.
Once the sides were together, I painted them with the Plaid Color Shift-Black. I also primed the canvas board with gesso. As you can see I picked up some rocks to use to paint owls on.
I used the Plaid Coastal -Lagoon for the background and the Plaid Coastal - White for the sky and various acrylic paints for the tree. I tried several ways of positioning the rocks before I decided how I liked them and then painted them with Gesso first .
This let the color adhere better and made it look more even. This is an in process picture.
Here's my finished owls on branches! I attached the owls to the canvas board with E6000 and made sure it was quite dry before the last part of the project. You wouldn't think, because the rocks are so small that they are heavy but they do have a little weight to them and I didn't want one falling off.

I purchased some plexiglass for the front but it wasn't a really necessary step, even though I think it made it look better. Once I was to that point I measured the plexiglass to fit the front of the box and put masking tape along the lines I was going to cut. ( I was told this would keep the blade from making too much of a serration on the edge )
Once that was done I cut through the plexiglass using my Proxxon Scroll Saw . ( Just a note, it's important to use the appropriate cutting blades for the material that you are cutting ) I then pulled all the tape and the protective film off the front and back of the plexiglass. I measured where I wanted to put the brads in on the front of the box and drilled holes through the plexiglass with a diamond burr in my Proxxon Drill . I then put the nails through the plexiglass and nailed them into the wood. After I finished that I cut a piece of ribbon, tied a knot in both ends and nailed them into the back of the wood to hang the picture from.
How do you like it? I do appreciate you leaving a comment on my posts and also for looking at the Proxxon Tools and Accessories .  Hope I've inspired you to buy yourself a tool that you can easily use.


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