Friday, July 28, 2017

How to make a Table Nightlight with a gourd

How to make a Table Nightlight with a gourd

How to make a table night light or Christmas decorations using  Proxxon Mini tools.

This is a fun project and not  too difficult.  The Proxxon tools make this an enjoyable project for even newbies with gourds.

First decide on a gourd you want to use. It helps and removes the step of sanding and leveling the gourd, so it sets flat on a table.  You are going to create a scene inside the gourd. Topic is your choice, only limited by the size of the gourd. Choose holiday, everyday life, fantasy, your imagination is the only limit for the design.

So lets get started.

Material List

1.Gourd of appropriate size
2.Tools to clean inside of gourd/ can be a scraper a cleaning ball, sandpaper of variable grit,
3.Jigsaw to cut the gourd with. I use my Proxxon.( Makes cutting a breeze)
4.Large Tea light, mine changes colors @hobby Lobby
5. Glue to secure the tea light.
6.Paint ( I used Plaid Folk Art on this Gourd. It's rich in pigment and provides good coverage.
7.Sealer, matt or fixative I use Krylon spray for outside of gourd.  Use after painting and before making scene inside. (prevents damaging paints prior to completing.
8.Whatever material you plan on using to place in the interior of the gourd.

Safety Tips

When working with gourds always use a face mask or a respirator to protect your lungs when cutting or sanding.  

 Steps to complete this project:

1. Decide what is the front of your gourd and where it sits best. I use a white pencil to draw a axis line down the middle of the gourd. This keeps the opening in line with the front. Then draw a line though the middle of the axis line as to how wide its going to be. Draw  the shape for the opening.

2. Ok you're ready to cut.  With the Proxxon Jig Saw it is a breeze. This tool is so light and easy to use. Being an older female, it is perfect for me.   Drill a small hole inside of the cut out of the opening then you can use your Proxxon Saw to cut out the opening

2. Clean out all of the seeds and skin or fluff on the inside of the gourd. I use a ball sander or any scraper and or sandpaper that will help me loosen and remove the inside mess until it is smoothed to the shell of the gourd..

3. Choose where you are going to place the tea light on your gourd.  This gourd made that easy for me as I could place it on the bottom and it still sat perfectly. ( I have had to place them on the side .)
To cut the hole draw a ring around the bottom of light that is the size hole you are going to want. you can cut it with your Proxxon mini jig saw or you can purchase a hole cutter to go on the end of a drill if you don't already have one.

TIP  Paint the tea light with the same color as the gourd will make it less intrusive if you are placing it on side or top of gourd.
I chose a nativity for this lamp's story, and am going to paint the inside and outside to convey the lamps story.

4. I paint the inside and outside of the gourd. For this gourd I am using a very dark blue both inside and out.  I used Ink spot 2925 for the blue base and all over the entire gourd. I then use a fixative or matte spray to protect the paints while I work on the next steps.

5. Free hand or put pattern for wise men on gourd.

6. Then using Plaid Folk art paints  on the outside I painted three wise men traveling to visit the newborn Jesus. I  used Plaid Steal Gray2561 on the wise men for shadow figures on the back of the gourd. Looks great on the dark background.

7. You are now ready to place the scene inside of the gourd I either use WelBond or Gorilla glue (white or brown depending on outside color of gourd.) You don't want the glue to distract from the gourd. Place the scene on top of the glue you have  placed in the gourd where you want the scene to sit.  Let dry good to make sure the item is good and secure.  

I used white Gorilla glue.
One thing about this lamp is you can replace the batteries, and the light does not get hot.

When this dried I added some straw to cover the glue.

Photos of finished gourd with some of the colors lit. I hope the video is working but just in case this is plan B.

I hope you enjoy this project and if you are working on any crafts that require tools

please do check out proxxon and take a look around.

Thank you for your time and comments.



Carol Wulf said...

Great idea and it came out beautifully. That's really using your gourd ! Can't wait to try it, maybe with a Halloween motif.

charlotte fletcher@roma land woodcrafts said...

That is gorgeous!

Nancy Lockner said...

Really pretty piece. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Bowen said...

This is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for sharing...

Betty said...

I really like this you guys are so talanted

Carole said...

What a creative project.The instructions are written so well that I am sure even the novice artist wanting to work on a gourd will have no problem. Makes me want to get out my Mini and "Gourd away"!!!! Thanks Misty for sharing this with us.

Barbara Moore said...

This project really turned out nicely. It's great that you can adapt it to reflect anything you want it to be. From every day decor to something specific. Great job.

Lynn Barbadora said...

Nice project Misty! Thanks for sharing!

Terry B said...

This gourd is beautiful. You are very talented and the instructions are easy to understand. Great job

Nell T said...

This is a beautiful project and you did an excellent job.

Steph Ackerman said...

This is gorgeous.

Misty said...

Thank you Steph I appreciate your stopping by and the comment. Thank you very much.

Misty said...

I would like to thank each of the friends and people that stopped by to see and comment on this project. I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!!!

Brenda N said...

I love this gourd. Very good idea. You are very talented
Brenda N