Tuesday, June 28, 2016

~ Creating Lovely Primitive Background Art~ Proxxon Design Team Project By Sherri Welser

~ Creating Lovely  Primitive Background Art~

Being an artist I enjoy creating from the simplest of things! This week's project is created from a simple block of wood and Proxxon Power Carver tool! The tool was easy to use and had a variety of cutting gouges. I wanted to create wood blocks with texture such as a  rubber stamp would offer, to then add some background interest for my artwork. Here is where using the Power Carver tool came in handy! So let's get started and below please find a list of supplies.


A handful of wooden block scraps ( about 3 x 4 ")
Luminere Fabric paints
Stamp Pad
Distress Stains
Gel pens
File folders or cardboard stock paper

I began by putting my wooden blocks in a vise to keep them steady and to provide a safe working environment.

 Start by figuring out the designs you might want and either free hand them or draw ourt pattern on the wood

  When using the tool be careful not to place your fingers or hands anywhere around/in front of the tool when it's on. Basically you would use it like a pen for drawing but pressing firmly to cut out the designs in the wood.

  After cutting out the primitive designs on the wood ,grab some fabric paint ( highly pigmented and well suited for this next step)

 The reason you want to coat the cut side of the block with paint is to create some color diversity and a layering effect with color.

 Let the paint dry for a minute and then add the Distress Stain on top ( generously) to coat the block. From this process you will get a 2 tone effect when stamping your stamp on the file folder or card stock paper.

 Below you can see the different stamps and color patterns that was created

 It is fun to add stamped quotes,sayings and words along with extra color with markers, gel pens and paint!

  Here you can see the final finished little  pieces of artwork!

Hope you have had fun with  this little project and the Proxxon Power Carver tool!


Steph Ackerman said...

Wow, what a great projects. Love how you created your own stamps!

Barbara Moore said...

Great project!