Tuesday, June 7, 2016

~Leaving You Puzzled ~Proxxon Design Team Project~

~Leaving You Puzzled~

Earring Project

Here is a very fun idea that would be perfect for a small project you and your daughter/granddaughter can do together.  Depending on the age and if they are old enough to use the drill press supervised, it is a great time to spend together creatively! If they are too young you can handle the tool part of the project and they can have the fun of decorating! This is also a great opportunity to use up the puzzle pieces from those puzzles where  the pieces have been lost! So go grab some puzzle pieces and lets have some fun!!


A handful of puzzle pieces
White Glue
Fish Hook  ear wires ( 2 per set)
 8 mm jump rings (2 per set)
Polyurethane sealer

 Here you can see where the hole is being drilled for the jump ring and ear wire. I have found that by applying the glue and glitter first and letting it dry,it provides a more solid base to drill into.

  Assortment of Puzzle pieces

To finish off each earring piece you would add the glue where you would like the glitter to adhere.. sometimes dipping just the edges in is interesting, this way you can still see the puzzle pieces too!
Add the jump ring through the hole in the top and then add the fish hook ear wire.
To add a protective coat ,spray with polyurethane and let dry. And there you have it a very fun and interesting way to "play" with your puzzles!

 Some fun examples of finished earrings

Happy Creating!!

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