Friday, October 7, 2016

Refinishing an Antique Mirror

For this project you will need:

An aged mirror
Proxxon Delta Sander
Chalk Paint

Right now I'm in the process of moving and so I was looking for a simple project to do that would fit into my schedule. I came up with the idea of refinishing an antique mirror that I had picked up some time ago.
This was the original mirror. As you can see it was at one time part of a dresser. My guess is the dresser was gotten rid of long ago.

It really didn't take very long to sand the mirror down with my Proxxon Delta Sander and I've got to say that it is a very easy tool to use. Easy to hold and doesn't put a lot of stress on your hand.

Once it was sanded down I glued a couple of metal embellishments that I had to the top and bottom and then painted over them as I painted the rest of the mirror.

Can you see the embellishments at the top? Here's a little close up of the top.

I've decided that once I clean the glass of course,haha, that I'm going to find a pretty cord to hang it in my bedroom. I just love how it turned out. See it's so much easier to refinish something when you have the right tool for the job and Proxxon tools !