Friday, October 28, 2016

Etched holiday votives with the Proxxon Glass Etching Tool

Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here today. 

As we approach the holidays, I love to create decorative elements to either use or give as gifts.  Today, I'm working with the Complete Glass Engraving Set to etch some glass votives.

Begin by stamping  a design on scrap paper and then tape it inside the votive.  My first design is a set of snowmen.

My second design is holly and berries.

Using the Glass Engraving Tool, just follow the lines of the stamped images. 

Carefully fill in certain elements of both designs to finish the pattern.  I added some "snow" along the bottom of the votive, then filled in the brim of the hats which are usually furry, as well as the letters to make them stand out more.

I filled in the holly and berries to make them more prominent.

Once they were finished, I realized they would make nice shot glasses too!
What will you etch today?
Thanks for stopping by today.

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