Friday, January 13, 2017

A Simple Votive Holder made with Proxxon Tools

You know, having Proxxon Tools in your workroom really make the projects that you tackle a lot easier. With Valentine's Day as our next holiday, I thought that I would make a simple votive holder with a Valentine theme to it.

These are the items needed:

Proxxon Jig Saw
Proxxon Belt Sander
Red and Gold Acrylic Paints
Thin lace
Votive candle
Gourd (small) (I picked one that also was shaped like a hershey kiss)
Heart Pattern

Here's my gourd with the heart pattern which I cut out of cardstock traced on it.
I used my Proxxon Jig Saw to cut the heart out and then cleaned out the inside.
 Once cleaned, I used my Proxxon Belt Sander to smooth out the edges and any spots inside that needed it.
I then painted the inside of the gourd gold, and the outside red. I did paint the stem gold also. I then glued some thin lace all the way around the heart. I think it set the heart off.
And here's the finished holder with the lit votive in it. I think it turned out super cute and the Proxxon Tools that I used made the project so easy to accomplish. I think this would be rather romantic set on the table Valentine's evening.


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