Sunday, January 1, 2017

Unique Fan Guard Sticks Made with Proxxon Tools

In addition to working with Proxxon Micro Tools, I am also a bobbin lace maker. I wanted something special for a half fan that I made, so I decided to make my own unique fan guard sticks.

Tools and supplies for making the fan guard sticks:

While I had a set of fan sticks, I wasn't thrilled with the guard sticks, so I decided to make my own using my Proxxon tools. I chose a length of bubinga wood for the fan guard sticks. The piece that I had was about 15"x4", so the first step was cutting a 1/8" thick strip from this length. I began by setting the blade height on the Proxxon Table Saw FET to be sure that the cut would go all the way through. You can see that the blade is set just a bit higher than the depth of the bubinga.

I used the longitudinal stop to guide the length of wood through the blade.

The result was a 15"x1/8" strip of wood, ready to be fashioned into fan guard sticks.

After cutting the 15" length in half, I measured and traced my desired shape onto the thin strips of wood.

Next, was shaping the guard sticks on the scroll saw.

Last step for the fan guard stick was to drill a pivot hole at the bottom end using the Proxxon Professional Rotary Tool mounted in the drill stand. This bubinga wood cut so smoothly that it didn't even need sanding!! Great wood to work with. I love bubinga.

Now to mount the lace onto the fan sticks. I used an archival, water soluble adhesive to glue each fan stick to the lace. Here the lace it ready to mount onto my newly made guard stick.

Here's picture of the finished fan—mounted on the fan sticks with my custom made guard sticks!! 


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Patry Ro said...

Great and elegant project!! Happy New Year!!