Friday, January 27, 2017

Proxxon Tools and Birds?

I used some of my Proxxon tools to create a lovely little bird picture. I love birds and have had the pleasure of viewing many of them since I've moved. Pelicans, Cormorants, Coots, Seagulls and Cranes spend the Winter here, but there are many small birds who have been coming to the feeder. I have several different paper napkins in my stash and when I came across one with a chickadee on it I had to make something with it.

These are the supplies I used:

Proxxon JigSaw
Proxxon Belt Sander
Proxxon Oscillating Sander
1 piece of thick pressed cardboard
white gesso
1 napkin
1 stamp
mod pauge

These are the tools that I used and the adapter.
I used the ruler and pencil to mark a 4 X 4 square on the cardboard and then used the Proxxon JigSaw to cut it out.
Once I had cut the cardboard piece out, I used my  Proxxon Belt Sander and also the Proxxon Oscillating Sander to smooth out any imperfections. The sanders did an awesome job. After this step was finished I painted the piece with white gesso and once that had dried I painted it with Mod Pauge. I then separated the two pieces of napkin (front and back) and laid the piece with the printing on it across the board and smoothed it out. I used ink to go around the edges to give it an antiqued look and also used ink and a stamp to stamp "I am seeking" on the piece. "My Sanctuary" was already part of the piece. I used a Micron Pen .05 to bring out the bird a little more and then spread Mod Pauge over the top of the piece to seal it.

Here are two pictures of the finished piece setting on a little easel. I think this would make a cute gift, if put inside a basket along with some other things don't you? Make sure that you go on over to the Proxxon Tiny Tool Page to see these and other tiny tools that you need to have in your work space!