Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hangers for Doll Clothes

My six year old grand-daughter loves playing with Kit, her American Girl doll. It seems that Kit has as many clothes as I do !! :) And they all need hangers so they will go in Kit's special closet. Perfect project for my Proxxon scroll saw!!

I prepared my pattern as detailed in my business card holder post.

As I was getting the scroll saw set up, my son came into the room, and he had to cut a hanger. Hence the man-hands you see in this pic.

After the hangers were cut, I gave them each a quick sanding using the Proxxon Delta Sander and a fine grit sandpaper. 

I gave each hanger a base coat of acrylic paint. Here they are "hanging" to dry.

When that coat was dry, I added the white polka dots by dipped a pencil eraser in the white paint and stamping onto the hanger. They now live in Kit's armoire, just waiting for clothes.



Steph Ackerman said...

These turned out great.

Barbara Moore said...

These are so cute! Useful too! I know your granddaughter is going to have a lot of fun times with them.