Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Not Just Another Letter" ~New DT Project For Proxxon Tools~

"Not Just Another Letter"

It is so much fun to work with and create unique textures and to also offer something of visual interest when working on  a very ordinary object! Letters are Hot right now and I wanted to come up with some ideas to create interesting visual excitement to these seemingly plain and ordinary wooden letters that I cut out using a template and my Proxxon Scroll Saw DHS/E. To sand the edges a bit I used the  Delta Sander OZI/E . Below you will find a supply list and further instructions for creating 2 unique finishes for your wooden letters.

~Supply List~
3/4 " plywood  & whatever size you want to make your letter 
( Mine are about 8"tall x 5" wide)
Acrylic Paints ( orange,blue, turquoise, copper)
Mod Podge ( matte finish)
 1 sheet of Tissue paper
Doodle Pens
Gel Pens

  I created a template  using  a brown paper bag and several wooden letters I had around, this way I will be able to create more letters by just tracing the template on the plywood. Using my Proxxon Scroll saw I cut out the letter O  ( to create the  inside of the O you need to drill a hole in the center of the wood and then remove the scroll saw blade.Place the wood on the saw table and insert the saw blade  back on  but through the drilled hole .Work from that inside area sawing the center  out to create the inside part of the O.  I then cut the V and sanded them  a bit with the  Delta Sander for a smoother finish.

  Paint the letter O with the orange acrylic paint and let dry.
Using your brush and Mod Podge create a fine layer for the tissue paper to adhere to.

 Using the tissue paper gently push down into the mod podge and  you want to have some crinkling in it to create a unique textured appearance.

 After its dried apply the turquoise and copper paint, randomly. We want to look of " Verdigris Patina" metal.

After drying the texture is beautiful and looks so much like textured verdigris metal!

 For the V wooden letter I wanted some color and fun doodling to make that visual impact so after painting it the blue color and letting it dry I then got out my pens and markers!

 This is where you can really be creative just drawing lines, circles,flower petals, triangles,dots etc!

 After the outlining  my designs with the black pen I just used the markers to color in the lines and shapes but left a fair amount of the blue showing on the letter to create a "rest space" for the eyes. Using paint dots is another way to create interest in your doodling projects!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun and unique way to create something interesting from something very ordinary!


Kim Collister said...

Great technique!! looks fun and easy with fabulous results!
Thanks for the share!!

IndigoEarth said...

Thanks so much Kim :) xo

Misty said...

Love this the two are so different, yet both are lovely and the last looks like a lot of fun. The first one really does give the appearance of metal. Outstanding job, You can do most anything if you have the right tools. Proxxon has got just the right tool for most every project. Thanks much for sharing. Am a new team member nice to meet you.