Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring is in Bloom

 I don't know about you but I enjoy all of the Spring flowers that are blooming. I wanted to make some flowers and decided to make some out of small gourds and show you how I did it.

Items needed for this project:  
Proxxon Jig Saw STS 12/E
Proxxon Rotary Tool FBS 12/EF
Proxxon MICROMOT Flexshaft 110/P
HSS twist drills
Sanding Drum
Acrylic Paint

To begin with I picked out some small gourds that I thought would work to use in the construction of the gourd flowers. They had to be clean on the inside and out. Once that was decided I cut several of the gourds into flower shapes and also leaves with the Proxxon Jig Saw STS 12/E .

And made sure that I had the insides all cleaned out once they were opened up. Once the shapes were cut and cleaned I used the new Proxxon Sanding Drum  and the Proxxon Rotary Tool with the flexshaft that I received to smooth off the edges and the insides.
I love this sanding drum as it allows you to get into small spaces. I then drilled holes into the bottoms of each gourd and inserted dowel sticks into them and glued them in. I then glued my gourd "leaves" onto the flower stems. Once all the glue was dry I painted all my "blossoms", stems, and leaves and glued buttons onto the tips of the stems/ stamens. When everything had thoroughly dried I sealed the blooms and inserted them into a gourd vase for the pictures.
These are going to bring a little Spring into the house. I hope you're all having a wonderful Spring!