Tuesday, April 26, 2016

~Vintage Embellishing~ Proxxon DT Project by Sherri Welser

~Vintage Embellishing~

"Adorn your Special Projects"

Even before it was a "Thing" I was perusing garage and estate sales looking for fun items to reinvent! I would find all kinds of tables and do the faux marble tops, a church pew was placed in the garden for setting plants on,old bicycles with the metal baskets were planted with flowers and they became unique focals in the flower garden. I have always loved finding these treasures and turning them into  Garden Art! Last fall I found an old church window with beautiful lines and even though some of the glass was broken I had a vision! Recently I found both a long wooden table and an old  wooden sewing machine table( both inexpensive finds at my local ReStore) with the beautiful metal work on it and the word "Singer" across the bottom~ these all are on my radar now to make beautiful again and here you will see several of those items come to life! The church window is finished with beautiful embellishments, words of inspiration,  charms, stained glass, glass beads ,jewels and trinkets of special meaning. In this week's part 1 of 2 posts, I will show you how I prepared the wooden table with fun examples of embellishing. Next time I will show you how I go about embellishing the table itself. This table will be put outside my art studio and used as a serving buffet at the fire pit area. Extra care will be taken also to prep it for outside use. For Part one I have included the supplies below.

Wooden table of any size
Chalk Paint- ( I used Waverly in Agave)
Chalk Paint natural bristle brush

I began by painting the table with the chalk paint and using the round natural bristle chalk paint brush. I provides a nice even coat when brushing on.

Because I want the look to be "distressed" I am not concerned too much about "perfect" application of the paint. I just want to get a nice coat of paint on and let dry.

Once fully dry, using the Proxxon sander with a medium coarse grit sanding pad I start to "distress" the edges of the table to give  it that worn and aged look.

Now that the table is prepared for the creative part I will share with you some embellishing ideas below!

I use a lot of unique beads, jewelry findings, metal charms, inspirational charms, stained glass,and fun odds and ends to create the mosaic type feature that I am going for to adorn these vintage items.

So get your table ready and next time we will have so much fun embellishing the table top with all of these fun and unique items for a beautiful one of a kind piece!! See you next time!

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