Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pot Vent

This handy little gadget is a great addition to my kitchen tools. This pot vent is perfect for those times when I need to let off a little steam!!

I started by adhering the pattern to my plywood blank.

I covered the plywood with painter's tape, sprayed the reverse side of the pattern with spray adhesive, then mounted the pattern on the tape-covered wood.

I used my Proxxon Scroll Saw to cut out the pot vents.

Next, was a quick sanding session using my Proxxon Delta Sander. The sanding discs mount on the sander with hook-and-loop backing, so swapping out sanding discs of different grits makes it easy to use. And, the triangle shaped sanding head makes getting into tight spots a breeze.

Since these little duckies are going to be exposed to moisture, I coated them with resin to complete seal the surfaces, and hung them to dry. I inserted a corsage pin into an unobtrusive area so I could coat all the surfaces at one time, and suspend them for drying.

These cute little pan vents are a great addition to any kitchen, and they make an unusual gift.


Steph Ackerman said...

Awesome idea! The look great.

Barbara Moore said...

Those are so clever! Thanks for sharing.

Beth Watson said...

Great idea Carole!!