Sunday, November 6, 2016

Domino Christmas Decoration

Some time ago I found a great set of dominoes at Tuesday Morning. At the time I purchased them, I didn't have a particular use in mind, but they turned out to be perfect for this Christmas project—a standing ornament.
For each domino ornament you will need:
  • 2 dominoes
  • 1 small decorative piece
  • 1 eye pin
  • Decorative beads of your choice
  • Napkins for collage
  • Mod Podge
  • Small paint brush
  • 1 small nail with a head
  • Strong adhesive, such as E6000
I used my Proxxon Professional Rotary Tool combined with the Micromot Drill Stand and machine vice to drill the necessary holes. As you'll see, this combination of tools allowed for precision placement of the dominoes to ensure accurate drilling.

I marked the drilling points on each domino, and placed them in the machine vice.

This is the vertical domino anchored in the machine vise and positioned on the drill stand, ready for drilling the hole for the swivel. I also drilled a small hole in the top of the domino for the beaded finial.

The horizontal domino was drilled, and the hole for the swivel nail was countersunk on the bottom of the domino using a grinding bit. The nail swivel was glued in place with a drop of E6000 adhesive, and set aside to dry.

On the plain, flat side of the vertical domino, I napkin collaged the Santa image directly onto the domino. On the reverse side—the side of the domino with the pips—I cut a piece of cardstock to size and napkin collaged onto the cardstock. Then, adhered the collaged cardstock to the face of the domino. (You can watch these directions for napkin collaging.) 

I used a dot of E6000 to glue the eye pin with the beaded finial into the hole that I previously drilled in the top of the domino, and to add the small clay Christmas tree decoration. (You can learn how I made the Christmas tree with Creative Paperclay®.)

The last assembly step was to  position the vertical domino on the nail swivel.

Side A
Side B
Can't wait for Christmas to get here, so I can display these in my home—and, or course, give some as gifts.

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