Sunday, February 19, 2017

Make This Puzzle to Challenge Your Wits

Puzzles are fun for me. I've loved them since I was a kid. This easy-to-make puzzle will definitely challenge your wits!

Supplies and Tools You'll Need

I began by attaching the patterns for the base and top of the puzzle to the MDF using the instructions that I gave in the business card holder post.

Pattern for the puzzle frame and pieces applied to ¼" board
Pattern for the puzzle base applied to ½" board
Next, I took these pieces to the scroll saw to cut out. I first cut the outer perimeter of each piece.

After completing the exterior cuts on the top piece—the puzzle frame and pieces—I used the Proxxon Professional Rotary Tool to drill a pilot hole in the top grey triangle. When cutting interior spaces, the saw blade is passed through this pilot hole so cutting can be completed.

Continue cutting the interior pieces, following the pattern. The grey areas on the pattern will be discarded; the colored areas are the puzzle pieces. 

Align the base and the top frame, and glue together. When the glue is dry use the Proxxon Delta Sander to smooth any rough or uneven edges. MDF requires minimal sanding, so you might not even need to sand the puzzle pieces. Paint the base/frame and the puzzle pieces with acrylic paints.

Now, challenge your friends to see if they can put the pieces back into the frame.


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