Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Vintage Treasures"~ Design Team Project for Proxxon Tools by Sherri Welser

 "Vintage Treasures"

Embellish your Vintage family photos and show them off with some fun adornments and Proxxon's Drill Press! I absolutely love all things vintage / jewelry and when I saw these beautiful cabinet cards in an antique store I knew I had to find a way to honor them and bring them back to "life".
Below I have included the supplies and instructions for creating your very own Vintage Treasure!

4 x 6 Vintage Cabinet Card ( these are the heavy card stock mounted photos)
Metal ,glass bead,charms and trinkets
Flat circular metal pieces for the outsides of the holes,buttons ect
Epoxy resin ,vintage ephemera, bezels  ect if you would like to create your own bezels
Weldbond Glue
Jump rings
Metal connectors for hanging
 Vintage style Paper flower

 1) Gather all your trinkets and charms and decide where you would like them to fall on the chains. 

2)Cut your chain to desired length and cut at different intervals to create visual interest. 4 lengths in all
3) Mark where you would like the holes to be at the bottom of the photo and drill holes using the Drill press.  The drill press works well because of the stiffness of the card stock.
4) Take the circular metal pieces and place on top of the holes making sure the hole you just made and the hole in the metal line up. Glue metal pieces on using the Weldbond.

5) Attach jump rings to  the holes in the bottom of the photo here and to connect the chain where you have a break adding in the embellishments. This way you can connect the items together to hang down.

6) Add the charms, bezels and fun items on the chains having them fall at different lengths.
**To create your own bezel it is very easy by using a blank bezel , measuring paper ephemera to fit inside the bezel, gluing that down and then adding the epoxy resin over and let cure about 24 hrs

7) Using the metal connectors glue onto the top  of each corner of the photo with the ring end up.
8) Using a jump ring on each side attach the beaded chain to create a "hanger"
9) Attach a paper flower in the middle for added visual interest with the Weldbond Glue

I hope you have enjoyed this fun and creative way to add new life to old Vintage Photos!

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