Friday, February 24, 2017

How to make a cute St Patrick's Day Wooded Wreath

Hello friends. I am here today to show you how I created this cute little wooden St Patrick's Day wreath. This is a some what easy project if you have the right tools.

I started off cutting the wreath out of a thin piece of wood. I used the amazing Proxxon Scroll Saw DSH/E for this. I used a a green marker to draw the outline of the wreath on the wood first and then followed the outline to cut it out. Ok I will admit as I did not take pictures of this but this was my 2nd try. The first one was a little jagged and not what I wanted. That is the beauty of doing this kind of projects you can always do it over. :)
For the middle circle you can use a router to cut it out.  I didn't need to do this because the wood was smooth but if there are any rough edges make sure to sand them.

I grabbed a few different paints for this project. I didn't want a deep green so after digging through my stash I came up with a Milk Paint and Dye. I also used a Gel Medium to add a little more to the paint.  
Because this was a light colored paint I gave this little wreath three coats to cover it completely. 

After it was completely dry I added a few embellishments. These Shamrocks and Letters can be picked up and your local craft store. 
I placed the letters and shamrocks around the wreath. 

I am loving the way this little thing came out. It is perfect to use inside or out from year to year. 
What do you think?

Supplies Used:
Proxxon Scroll Saw DSH/E
Thin piece of ply wood
Embellishments (Letters and Shamrocks) 

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