Saturday, January 9, 2016

Starting the Valentine Decorations

Hello everyone! Today's project is a Valentine garland that I made out of masonite board. I made it after the plain little Valentine candies that have the little sayings on them.


Items needed for this project:

1. Proxxon Jigsaw STS  12/E ( found here: Proxxon tools )
1 Proxxon Delta Sander OZI/E (which is also found here: Proxxon tools )
1 Proxxon Micromot AC Adapter NG 2/S or NG 5/E ( I have both sizes which I use and that can also be found at: Proxxon tools )
1 Proxxon Foot Pedal
 Paint and Paint Pens
Drill and bit
Paper twine or ribbon

I started out by tracing the pattern that I made of a heart onto some masonite board. I then used my Proxxon Jigsaw to cut out six hearts.
Once the hearts were cut out, I then sanded the edges with my Delta Sander.
These tools are so easy to use and they're not intimidating. I love using the foot pedal with the Jigsaw. Proxxon has a LOT of tiny tools and if you need tools for smaller projects then you definitely need to check them out at: Proxxon Tools

After I finished sanding the hearts, I painted them in different colors. I used chalk paint because I had some but you could use acrylics just as easy. 

Once the paint was dry I used my paint pens to print the sayings on the hearts and drilled a hole in the top of each one.

I then printed the sayings on the hearts with the paint pens and tied them to some red parachute cord I had with red twisted paper. I like the way it turned out don't you? Simple to make and can be used year after year. Check out Proxxon Tools and these amazing tools that they have.