Sunday, January 31, 2016

Everyone Loves My Proxxon Tools

One of my sons is a chef, and he created this wooden piece for food presentation using my Delta Sander.
Cambozola with grilled endive and stout cherry jam

Here's how is all came about. Not long ago I was in my studio working on a project using my Proxxon Delta Sander, when my son Seth wandered in. "Oh my gosh!" he said, "Can I use that sander?"

"Sure," I replied. He left the studio, and soon returned with a box full of cross sections from a tree trunk. Recently, landscapers had thinned out trees in our neighborhood, and a large section had fallen off their waste wagon. Seth had retrieved it and found a woodworker who sliced the trunk into cross section slabs, each a little over 2" thick and 15" in diameter.

Now, Seth's task was to remove the bark and sand the sides of the slabs. Here used a chisel to remove the layer of bark from one of the slabs.

Then, he moved on to sanding the edges using the Delta Sander. It was perfect for the task—lightweight to hold, easy to maneuver, powerful enough to efficiently sand the wood.

It was fun to watch Seth enjoy using the sander to create such a beautiful and unique food presentation piece.