Tuesday, January 19, 2016

~Family Treasures~ Proxxon DT Project by WildHeart Art

~Family Treasures~

I am always looking for unique ways to do "the ordinary" so when I came across this wonderful family photo I wanted to find a fun  and unique way to display it. This is actually a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma with their children, my aunt and mom are on the end. I love the way I was able to capture the vintage feel of this project.


2 x4( piece of wood - 5 x 4 rectangle)
White acrylic paint
Sepia ink pad
Antique glass door knob ( of similar)
Wooden rectangle with  the word "Family" 
2 metal corner pieces
4 metal feet ( I used Tim Holtz metal feet)
Metal frame- 2x3
Family Photo ( I made a copy on the printer)
metal key hole
metal key
metal "phrase" (for the back)
butterfly collage paper
metal butterfly ( for front)
Assorted metal items,beaded chain,lace,thin ribbons,epoxy charm
Weldbond glue

1) Begin by taking your wooden block and sanding  with the Delta Sander to give a "worn look"
2) Paint the block white
3)"Distress" block with Sepia  ink pad on edges and gently on the front and back of block

4) Turn over and glue collage papers to the back that you have edged in the sepia ink.

 5) Add both the key hole and the metal phrase tag with the Weldbond glue

6) Distress the metal butterfly and the wooden piece "family"
7) Apply the picture and the frame to go over the picture  gluing everything down
8)Apply the feet by using the Weldbond glue

9)  Gather your metal charms and tags and attach ribbon and bead chain to them

 10) Add some lace ribbon to the top around the knob

11) Now add the ribbons,tags,charms and bead chain and hand then from the knob on top.

I hope you enjoy finding New ways to Do the Ordinary and create some wonderful memories and Family Treasures!

~In love and light~


Steph Ackerman said...

This is beautiful.

Misty said...

Very nice work reminds me of some steam punk and that is so hot these days. Great idea.