Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to create a Valentine's Day Embellished Smoothfoam Heart with The Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter

Happy New Year everyone! Tammy here today, showing you how to create a Valentine's Day Smoothfoam embellished heart for your favorite Valentine, using the Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter and Proxxon Delta Sander.

Supplies I used:
Smoothfoam heart
Plastic embellishments
Pink acrylic paint
Rose glitter paint
Candy apple stick

How I made the Valentine's Day embellished Smoothfoam heart:
1. I cut a Smoothfoam heart in half using my Proxxon Hot Wire Cutter as shown  in this short video below:

2. I sanded each half as shown in this short video:

3. I painted each half pink
4. I added Rose glitter paint and glued on some plastic embellishments
5. I added a gold candy apple stick and attached the embellished heart half to the painted heart half with a little adhesive.
6. I added some ribbon for extra decoration
I really like how this project turned out! I love to see your projects, tag me on Instagram @TammySmithSantana
xoxo Tammy