Friday, March 11, 2016

A little Native American Drum for Decor

This week's project is making a tiny drum and the supplies needed for the project are:

1 Gourd top
1 Small Goat Skin
Heat adjusting Woodburner
Proxxon Mini Jig Saw STS/12E with the foot pedal and transformer
Proxxon Delta Sander OZI/E
Adirondack Ink (Caramel)
Pitt Pens: White, Blue, Purple, Red

I started out by cutting the top off of a bottle gourd and used the top for my tiny drum. Once I had the top cut off, I then cut the stem off of it and sanded it around the edge.

I then used my wood burner to burn the pattern of an native american sign for the eagle and colored it in with the Pitt Pens. I also stained the rest of the gourd with Adirondack Ink in Caramel. Once the inks were all dry I sealed the gourd with an acrylic varnish. I soaked the goat skin drum for approximately 20 minutes and then patted it dry. The soaking makes the skin pliable. I then stapled it to the gourd top.

After the goat skin was attached to the gourd I used some decorative trim and glued it around the edge to cover the staples and added a couple of feathers for embellishment. I really liked the way the finished project turned out. How about you?