Sunday, March 20, 2016

Colored Pencil Necklace

After making the doll-sized set of colored pencils for her American Girl doll, my grand daughter decided that she wanted something that would go along with Kit's pencils. So, we came up with this necklace.

Chloe picked out the colored pencils that she wanted, and I used my Proxxon scroll saw to cut 1 1/4" lengths from some old pencils. I set the guide on the scroll saw so each pencil piece would be exactly the same length.

Next, I used the Proxxon Engraver fitted with a 1/32" bit to drill a small hole in the end of each piece to accommodate a tiny screw eye.

I used jump rings to attached the pencils to a length of jewelry chain, and added a few beads from my stash to complete the necklace. Now, Chloe (the grand daughter) and Kit (the doll) can go every place in style.


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