Sunday, March 6, 2016

18" Doll Accessories

My six year old grand daughter is deep into her American Girls doll and accessories. It's so much fun, and so much more affordable, to create our own accessories. Our latest project was a set of colored pencils—doll sized. These tiny pencils measure 1¾ inches.

We started with a set of  3 ½ inch pencils from the dollar store that were sharpened on one end. The first step was to sharpen the other end. Then, I measured the length, divided by two, and set the guide on my Proxxon scroll saw.

With the guide in place, it was an easy task to cut each pencil in half—down to doll size.

I love the fact that the Proxxon scroll saw is so easy to set up and use. It's as handy to use as a pair of scissors.

Now Kit (the doll) has a set of colored pencils that fit into her backpack and are ready for her to use at her desk.


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