Friday, April 7, 2017

A Beautiful Trinket Box made with Proxxon Tools

I recently decided to use my Proxxon Tools to create a really beautiful trinket box. I also used some Plaid Color Shift  Aqua to give it a tremendous pop of color. The pictures that I have here cannot even begin to show you just how beautiful the Plaid Color Shift really is.

The items used in this project were: 

Proxxon Gourd Saw
Plaid Color Shift Aqua
paint brush
Plaid Mod Podge
Two embellishments
Tools to clean the inside of the gourd

I started out by cutting a line out around the gourd with a small cut out piece that would help someone find the front easily.
This is what the nasty inside looked like once it was opened up. Once I opened the gourd I had to clean out all of that yuckiness inside which was actually a bit easier than usual. When I had the inside cleaned out well, I then painted the inside of the gourd with plain white acrylic paint. Once that was dry I decopauged  some pretty butterfly print napkin on the inside which turned out like this:
Isn't that a pretty napkin? I then got out my gorgeous Plaid Color Shift Aqua and painted both the top and bottom of the gourd, not leaving out the edge of the gourd that touched when closed. This color is just really awesome and taking a picture of it doesn't begin to do it justice to the light playing off of it.
Once this paint was dry I then attached a knob for a handle and an embellishment on the cut out piece so that it looked like the front of the gourd. With the lid on it looked amazing! I think you could add some more embellishments to this piece but you wouldn't be able to see all of that glorious Plaid Color Shift paint that is on it.
I can see someone putting their trinkets inside this gourd "box". I'm here to tell you that I enjoy my Proxxon Tools and am so happy that I got to try out the Plaid Color Shift Paint.

Please let me know what you thought of this project.


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