Sunday, April 30, 2017

Use Proxxon Tools to Create a Rustic Patriotic Hanger

With Memorial Day coming up and Fourth of July here in no time, you can be ready with this rustic patriotic hanger. It's easy to make, and it is a good project for using up scraps

Supplies I Used:

Proxxon Tools I Used:

  1. Mark the 8" x 12" piece of wood using the following dimensions. 
  2. Use the Table Saw FET to cut these pieces. Adjust the blade height according to the thickness of your wood. The blade should be just a bit higher than the wood to ensure the saw cuts all the way through the wood.

  3. Using the Professional Rotary Tool mounted on the drill stand, drill holes as indicated on the diagram in Step 1. The holes in the red and white pieces are centered and ¼" from the top of the piece. The center hole in the blue piece is at 3½" and the holes on the right and left are 1¼" from each end. Two additional holes are drilled in the top of the blue piece 1½" from each end for the eye screws.

  4. Using the Scroll Saw DSH/E, cut the three stars.

  5. Use the Delta Sander to smooth any rough edges.

  6. Paint the blue and red pieces using FolkArt Ultra Dyes and the stars and white piece using white Folkart Acrylic Paint that has been thinned with water.

  7. Finish with a coat of Ultra Dye Varnish.

  8. Glue the stars in place. 

  9. Cut three 12" pieces of wire to attach the red and white pieces to the blue piece. Insert an end of wire through the front of each piece, and twist the ends together on the back. Trim excess wire. 

  10. Insert screw eyes in the top of the blue piece, and thread a length of wire through them for hanging.
Now you're ready to decorate for our patriotic holidays.

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