Saturday, April 22, 2017

What's Spring without a birdhouse made with Proxxon Tools?

For my project I've made a gourd birdhouse using some of my Proxxon Tools ! I am not in the habit of making birdhouses out of gourds because I feel there are so many other things that I can use my gourds on. However, I recently moved and felt like I should make a gourd birdhouse and put it in the backyard of the house.

Items Needed In This Project: 

Proxxon Gourd Saw
Proxxon Drill
1 Birdhouse (or bottle) gourd
Brown or Tan Ink
Acrylic Paints

This gourd birdhouse was very easy to make and even a novice can do it.

These are the tools needed.
I started out by drilling a hole in the front of the gourd toward the bottom. I tried to pick a spot where the gourd started to curve under so that water wouldn't run directly into the gourd when it rained. I then shook what seeds and insides wanted to fall out right away and left the rest for the birds to use in their nest making.
I also drained holes into the bottom of the gourd so that water would drain out in case water did get into the gourd. I also drew a type of pattern of flowers around the gourd to paint later.

The next thing I did was to use the ink on my gourd to help give it a more uniform look. I then took out my paints and painted the flowers. Once this was done I drilled two holes in the top of the gourd  and put my dowel through and wired up a hanger. All done!

Except you must put several coats of sealer on the outside of the gourd to keep it from ruining your first year having it in your garden.

See, you know this is something you could do! Especially with the Proxxon Tiny Tools and your imagination!!!


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