Friday, May 12, 2017

My new Table Saw From Proxxon Tools Did This!!

I am so excited to write this post about the awesome bird house that I created using my new Proxxon Table Saw.

Supplies needed for this project:

Proxxon Table Saw
Proxxon Jig Saw
Proxxon Drill
Old fence boards
Awl (for making pilot holes in the wood)
Finishing Spray/Sealer
Old hardware for embellishments
Some sort of sheet metal for the roof

This is one picture of the finished project.
But this was what it started out as:
I began by deciding how I wanted to fashion my birdhouse and measuring out the pieces. Once I had my measurements I began cutting out the pieces needed for the finished project.

Once the pieces were cut out I drilled a hole in the front piece by drawing a circle, using my Proxxon Drill to start a hole and using my Proxxon Jig Saw to cut the hole for the birds to go in and out.
I added the old fence gate handle to the front of the house by using my Proxxon Drill
to screw it in with the same old screws that I took out of it. Now the birds have a perch also!
The bottom piece of my birdhouse was left longer in the front to give it a little platform and to make it easier to open. The side pieces are longer than the front and back pieces and here it is propped up before I screwed the pieces together.
As you can see I cut the top of each side at an angle so that the roof would fit on perfectly.
  I took each side of the birdhouse and attached the old hardware pieces that I wanted to use before putting the sides together with screws.
As you can see I attached the bottom with a hinge so that the bottom would swing down to clean out the house and attached a hook and eye to the front to hold it shut. I spray sealed all of the wood so that it would withstand the elements and then attached the piece of metal for the roof.
Here it is at a different angle sitting on the railing of my deck. I had so much fun making this birdhouse and learning to use my Proxxon Table Saw! Any comments would be welcome on this project, but do go over and check out the Proxxon Tools!



Marsha King said...

I believe I need one of these! So awesome!

vicki said...

So nice! I like it!!

Carol Wulf said...

I love your birdhouse and am intrigued by the little table saw. I am anxious to see all the neat things you can make with it. I think the smaller tools would give a gal some confidence to try some new techniques. Big saws can be scary at times. :)

Misty said...

Barbara, I love the bird house and the idea of opening the floor is great making cleaning a snap. The tools Proxxon for small work and detail is a lot easier. I love my saw and can hardly wait to add to the tiny tools. I could use them not only on the gourds but on wooden projects as well. Also want to thank you for sharing so freely of your information and talents you have been a inspiration and I appreciate your generosity. Alberta (Misty) Orlove