Friday, May 26, 2017

Proxxon Tools and Plaid Paints work very well together

I actually have a couple of projects that I did this past week using my Proxxon DrillProxxon Delta SanderPlaid Paints and Plaid Mod Podge

The items needed for this first project are just some Plaid Coastal PaintProxxon Delta Sander and a paint brush.
I started out with this ragged metal stand which had been painted white before but which was in need of a little TLC. I used my Proxxon Delta Sander to sand off some of the rough spots, and cleaned it off before I used my Plaid Coastal Paint to paint it. This paint has a texture to it which I really liked. It can also be used inside or outside. It's really thick and covered very well.
Here's how it looked after painting.
And here's how it looks with my cup and saucer planter sitting on it. I have since planted petunias in it and placed it close to the pool. It really looks cute and I'm loving the color.

The items needed for my next project are:

Rolling Pin
Acrylic Paint 
Paint Brush
Hanger for back or cord to hang it with

It all began with a plain wooden rolling pin. I ended up changing rolling pins because I had one which was a little larger than this one. I began by painting the rolling pin itself with Gesso so that it would be lighter under the napkin. The handles were painted with red acrylic paint and so were the edges of the rolling pin.

I know you wonder how I got that napkin on there don't you? Well I coated the rolling pin with Plaid Mod Podge for Paper and then wrapped the napkin around the rolling pin, smoothed out the bubbles and let it dry overnight. I then trimmed the excess off the back. Once that was completed, I took my stylus and made dots all over the handles with yellow acrylic paint. I then added the beads to the end of each hook.

I marked the spots for the hooks and drilled holes for them. That was a little tricky. I did use a piece of wood to brace it while I did that.
Once the holes were drilled I screwed the hooks into the rolling pin and this is the result:
 Now isn't this nice? It would look good in a kitchen to hang your hand towels on.

These projects were not extremely hard to do and they would enhance anyone's home. Check out the tiny tools at: and the many different products over at: I think you will be overjoyed to work with these tools.



Misty said...

Barbara, there are very clever projects. The rolling pin is especially clever. As always your blogs are innovating and useful. Thank you for sharing.


Marsha King said...

Love love them both#