Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to Make a Wine Caddy

This wine caddy is sure to be hit for those spring and summer picnics.


Proxxon Tools:

  1. Apply the pattern to the craft plywood. Cover the surface of the wood with painter's tape. Next, spray the back of the pattern with spray adhesive, and put that on top of the painter's tape. The spray adhesive holds the pattern in place, and the painter's tape makes removing it a breeze.
  2. Use the band saw to cut the outer oval,
  3. Cut the notches for the wine glasses on the band saw.
  4. Use the rotary tool mounted in the drill stand to drill a pilot hole in the center circle that will accommodate the neck of the wine bottle. Pass the blade of the scroll saw through the pilot hole.
  5. Cut the wine bottle circle and the circles at the end of the notches with the scroll saw.
  6. Sand any rough spots with the Delta sander.
  7. Paint the wine caddy with FolkArt Color Shift acrylic paint.
  8. Place the wine caddy on the neck of a bottle of wine, and hand the wine glasses in the notches.
You can dress up the wine caddy with a spectacular bow for a fabulous presentation. 

Enjoy your picnic!!


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