Monday, August 1, 2016

Hair Stick Turned on Proxxon Lathe

I love turning wood using my Proxxon wood turning lathe!! My latest project are these hair sticks.

I started with a 1/4" oak dowel for each hair stick.

I mounted it on the lathe, and used the roughing gouge, skew tool, and spindle gouge to add the decorative beading on the hair sticks.

This is the first hair stick as it came off the lathe, along with a close up of the beading detail.

The next step was coloring this hair stick with Plaid Folk Art Ultra Dye. Wow!! What a vivid color it gave the wood!!

The second hair stick I polished with wax. And, you can see by my pic below that I'm not a candidate for a hair stick!! So, these have found a new home with someone who has the gorgeous hair to show them off.


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