Sunday, August 14, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I enjoy making ornaments and decorations year round. This 3D Christmas tree is my latest holiday decoration.

Several years ago I received a holiday card featuring this swirl Christmas tree. I've always loved the flowing lines of the design, so decided to develop a pattern that I could use to cut a three dimensional tree from wood using my Proxxon scroll saw

I used Make-the-Cut software to design the file. You can download a PDF copy of the file so you can create one of these trees, too. I mounted the printed file onto my wood blank using the painters' tape method that I describe here.

A bit of quick sanding using 150 grit sandpaper and the Proxxon Delta sander, and the tree was ready for finishing.

To finish this piece, I coated it with colored resin. Just three tiny specks of dye in the resin give the tree a rich, vivid color.

One step closer to Christmas!! Keep your eye on this blog for more fun Christmas ideas.


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Unknown said...

What a clever idea Carole! I really like it!