Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween Wooden Wreath

Hello friends. Larissa here with you today. So I am still workig on Halloween decor. Today I made this fun wooden Halloween Wreath. I will explain what happen as I go.

For this project I used:
Proxxon Delta Sander
Proxxon Scroll SawWooden Bats
Thin piece of wood for the wreath
Paint: Orange, Black, White, Light Pink
Different sized brushes
Hot Glue

So to start out I used my Scroll Saw to cut the wreath. Unfortunately I did not have the ability to take a picture of this since I was working on it by myself and no one was home to help me take photos while I cut.:)

I used the Delta Sander to smooth the edges of the wreath and the bats.

The edges were pretty rough and since the wood is really thin I didn't apply very much pressure as I was afraid of sanding too much off.
I then painted the wreath with two coats of orange acrylic paint and the bats with one coat of black.


Once the bats dried which really didn't take that long, I added the faces with a detailed brush.

I attached the bats to the wreath with hot glue. And it fit in the spot I was hoping it would on my wall. 

I hope you enjoyed my project today, even though I left a few pictures out. I am still shaking my head on that one. :)

Have a wonderful day friends.
Larissa Pittman