Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Vintage Style Leather Embossed Necklace~DT project for Proxxon

~Enjoy The Journey~ 

Designing with  words is something very meaningful to me and creating this leather embossed vintage style necklace with the word Journey... says it all. Many times the "journey" gets lost as we strive for your destination. This necklace is the perfect affirmation to remember on a daily basis and to enjoy the journey!


Embossed leather scraps
Metal word plate
5  8-10 mm jump rings
4 crystal charms
WeldBond Glue
24-26" chain

1) Cut 2 rectangle pieces from the embossed leather and glue together with WeldBond glue

 2) Attach the metal word word piece with the WeldBond Glue and clamp down for a good seal

 3) Using the Drill Press drill in 5 holes.. one at the top and 4 at the bottom edge

4) Attach the 5 jump rings ( 4 on bottom one on top)

5) Attach the 4 crystal drops to the bottom jump rings
6) Attach the toggle/clasp to the chain and add the leather focal.
Your special necklace is now ready to wear!

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