Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Easter Egg Nail Art

Hello friends. Larissa here with you today with a super fun project. I have seen nail art all over and have been wanting to try it. Since I am starting to get ready to decorate for Easter I decided I would try it. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and it was tons of fun. I want to hammer nails into everything now. :)

Supplies you will need: 
Proxxon Tools Scroll Saw
Piece of wood
Embroidery Thread

I used the Scroll Saw to cut my wood the size I wanted it. The wood was already smooth but if you needed to you could smooth the edges with a piece of sand paper.

With a pencil I lightly drew the image of the egg I wanted on the wood. 
I began hammering the nails around the egg.

Once I was done and all the nails were in the wood I took my Embroidery Thread and wrapped it around each nail back and forth.

Once I had the desired pattern I tied off the thread in a small knot around one of the nails.
This one was left unpainted as I am going for a more natural chic look for my mantel this year. But think of the colors you could use both paint and thread. And thing of the nail art projects. Go raid your hubbies workshop and grab and hammer and some nails and get to pounding. 

Hope you enjoyed my post today.

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