Friday, March 3, 2017

Easter Basket with Proxxon Tools

Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here and I've got Easter on my mind.

Nothing is more personal than creating an Easter Basket for someone special.  Each year I try to create something different from the prior year.

I picked up this wood basket then used the Delta Sander to sand the basket inside and out.  The angle of the sanding head makes it easy to get into the corners.  Then I used FolkArt ® Milk Paint in Bristol Green to paint the basket.

As the basket is deep, I used the Hotwire Cutter to cut a sheet of Smoothfoam to fit inside.

The Hotwire Cutter cuts Smoothfoam like butter.

As it was still a bit too wide, the Hotwire Cutter was able to cut off a sliver of the foam easily and quickly. 

Once inside, I added some shred to decorate.

I also used the Hotwire Cutter to cut ribbon.  Did you know the Hotwire Cutter easily cut strips of ribbon too?

I just tied the ribbons around the handle.

Now just fill the basket with an assortment of goodies.

What will you create with Proxxon Tools today?

Thanks for stopping by.

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