Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to Make Adorable Easter Bunnies with Proxxon Tools

I think Easter bunnies are just the cutest things every!! I love to decoration with them. You'll have fun creating these adorable Easter bunnies made with Proxxon tools.

Supplies that you'll need:

Proxxon tools used:


I began by laying out the patterns for the bunnies on a large sheet of MDF.

Then, I used the table saw to cut the large sheet into four smaller, more manageable sizes.

I adhered a pattern to each of the four squares. Cover the surface of the MDF with painter's tape, then spray the back of the pattern with spray adhesive, and put that on top of the painter's tape. The spray adhesive holds the pattern in place, and the painter's tape makes for easy removal.

Next, to the scroll saw to cut out each bunny.

The scroll saw cut so smoothly that there was no need for sanding, so I moved right on to painting each bunny using FolkArt Milk Paints by Plaid Enterprises.

While the paints were drying I made a bow for each bunny. I cut the ribbons with the Thermocut. The hot wire cuts the ribbon and at the same time seals the cut ends to eliminate fraying. You can see the wire glowing red hot.

I used a variety of ribbon scraps and the Mini Bowdabra to make these bows. Now I'm ready to decorate for Easter!!


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