Sunday, March 5, 2017

Make the Best Ever Tablet/Phone Stand

This project is easy to make and inexpensive, but yields high returns on usability. It is the best stand for your tablet or phone.

Tools and Supplies:

Use the Proxxon Table Saw FET to square up the MDF to 9"x3". (If you're tablet is larger, increase the length and width of the MDF to accommodate your device. If you're making this stand for a phone, then you can reduce the length accordingly.)

Use the 9"x3" MDF blank as a guide to set the blade height on the table saw. You want the blade at least 1/8" lower than the thickness of the MDF.

Next, adjust the angle of the blade to 15°.

Remove the blade guard. Yes, I know that is it there for protection, but you won't get a full length cut with it in place. Now is the time to be sure you have no distractions. You need to be even more careful than normal.

Snug the right side of the board to the longitudinal stop, and position the stop so that the first cut is ¾" from the left side of the board. Make the first cut. Using the scale for the longitudinal stop, move the stop 1/8" to the left. Make the second cut. Continue alternately moving the stop and making a cut until the notch is ¾" wide. (If you have a heavy case on your device you may need to increase the width of this notch. Note that this may also require you to increase the width of the stand to ensure correct balance.)

Next, sand any rough or uneven edges using the Proxxon Delta Sander. Paint the stand with FolkArt Ultra Dye, and seal with the Ultra Dye Varnish.

When the paint dries, you're ready to enjoy your best ever tablet stand.

Note: I do not recommend this as a beginning project for the table saw because the blade guard is removed. Get totally comfortable using your table saw before your try this project.

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