Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Inspirational Necklace "When Doors Open" By Sherri Welser and Proxxon Tools!

Inspirational Necklace "When Doors Open"

Create this beautiful inspirational necklace by using Proxxon Tools!

Wearing inspirational pieces always helps to reinforce that feeling of joy and hope. In this necklace I used a metal embosser ( Vintaj  Big Kick) to get the lovely texture on the  copper metal pieces and the  Proxxon Bench Drill Press TBM 115  . I have had these 2  metal door pieces for awhile and was waiting for the right project to use them. Below please find the supply list and instructions!

~Supply List~
Proxxon Bench Drill Press TMB 115
Vintaj Big Kick
Rose patterned embossing folder
2 copper metal "door" pieces
Verdigris paint
Brass or copper wire ( 24 gauge) about 6 " long
Seed beads 8/0 or 15/0
WeldBond adhesive
Type setting  paper word phrases or letters 
jump ring~ 6mm
Copper or brass chain ~Approx 24" long
Lobster claw closure ( copper)\
Small copper piece for "window
Small metal clip

I began with the copper metal doors and even though there were holes, they wernt big enough for attaching the wire and still being able to open the doors freely. 
1) Paint the verdigris paint on the front of the door and the small square metal piece~ let dry
2) Set up the Big Kick and place your metal door and window pieces in between the folder and pass through the Big kick to create the  embossed pattern.

3) Re-drill the holes a bit larger with the Proxxon Bench Press in both doors

4) Cut to size the words for the inside of the door

  5) Glue in place with the WeldBond

6) Next glue the small "window" piece to the front of the door and secure tightly to dry with a clip

7) To connect the front to the back doors take your 24 gauge wire and put it through the first hole from back to front 

8) Add several seed beads and twist the wires together.

9) Weave through the bottom wire , adding beads and twisting for a fun effect. Making sure you can still open and close the doors.

10) Attach the chain by adding the jump ring to the door and then putting the chain through the jump ring.

The door may tend to open so if you want add a tiny piece of velcro or something similar to keep the door closed until you want it to open.
Have fun Creating!

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