Thursday, May 21, 2020

How To Build A Display Base

Hi everyone!  Today I'd like to share how I made this simple display base for a punch needle eagle I designed. I wanted a base that I could mount 3 flags so this is simply made with 2 pieces of pine to lift the eagle up and adapt to being a flag holder. Follow along with me and ill show you how I  made it using Proxxon tools!

  • Proxxon Micro Bandsaw
  • Proxxon Delta Sander
  • Proxxon Power Carver
  • 3/4" scrap pine board
  • Wood glue
  • Plaid Paint black 
  • Mat finish spray polyurathane

I determined the size I made by the base of the oil can that my punch needle piece is mounted on. I drew a circle about a 1/2" larger and cut out with the Proxxon micro bandsaw. I cut out a second piece a half inch larger and extended it out and squared it off

I then stacked the smaller circle on top of the second piece to check for fit.

Next I decided where I wanted to drill the holes for my flags  I marked them and drilled them.

Next I centered the oil can on the circle and drew a line around it. Using the Proxxon Power Carver I removed some of the wood in the center so my oil can will be a tiny bit recessed.  I sanded everything with the Proxxon Delta Sander, rounding the edges.

Glue the two pieces together.

Lastly paint with Plaid Paint.  I chose black


I then sprayed with a mat finish polyurathane

Thanks for following along with me...Colleen :)

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Carol Wulf said...

Wow, that came out beautiful. Love the use of the oil can! The eagle is beautiful too. Is it cloth? Looks like a wood carving almost. 4th of July coming up, this is perfect decor. Nice job!