Friday, May 20, 2016

Baby Shoes Wreath

Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here today and I'm working with the Complete Model Building and Engraving Set from Proxxon Tools.  This tool set includes a large selection of bits, grinding wheels and cutting discs and is the perfect set for working with small items.

If you've ever had small items that need tiny holes but find that drills are too strong and they split your work, that trying to punch a hole with a nail breaks your items, then this is the tool to use.   I needed to create tiny holes in hard plastic baby shoes and I found the Complete Model Building and Engraving Set was perfect.  I was able to control the speed of the tool and select different bits that would create the perfect tiny holes I needed.

Using the included bits, I first created a tiny hole, then moved to a larger bit to make the hole large enough to insert ribbon. 

I was able to create perfect holes in all 6 shoes in a matter of minutes - no slipping, no cracking, no breaking.  Then all I needed to do was add the ribbon.

I wrapped an assortment of ribbons around a Smoothfoam Ruled Wreath in keeping with the baby theme, then hung the shoes from the center.  A coordinating bow was created to finish off the wreath.

Next time you need to work on a miniature scale, select the Complete Model Building and Engraving Set from Proxxon Tools.
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