Tuesday, May 24, 2016

~REVAMPING~ "Whats Old Becomes New Again" Proxxon DT Project by Sherri Welser


"Whats Old Becomes New Again"

As many of you know who follow my projects, I LOVE to find old objects and make them "new" again. I was at my local ReStore and found this old Bakers Rack and thought it would make a great potting bench outside my new art studio! Before I started "ReVamping" it it was white, rusty and the wood block on top was stained and gross! Below you see it halfway through the process and then I take it to the finished project with a couple of supplies and a little TLC!


Coarse Sanding Pad
Minwax Stain/Polyurethane
Staining rag 
Spray Paint (I used an Olive color)

Time To Have Some Fun!

I began the project by spray painting the top area 

I then used the Proxxon Sander to sand off the wood base on the top.

Once it was all sanded down ( I didnt want to sand too much as it isnt a very thick  piece of wood. I also didnt do a finer  finish sanding as I wanted more of a rustic look to the overall piece.
 I then finished spray painting the rest of the piece.

  I applied stain using the rag to  the wood top and also on the painted parts to give it  "vintage" look and feel.

 In the end as you can see it now has a rustic beautiful look about it! It didnt take up alot of time or materials but what a difference it made! I am so happy how this piece came out and now it will have another life as a potting bench! Using the Proxxon Delta Sander made it so quick and easy to get the top sanded to a wonderful finish! 
I think we all should RePurpose & "ReVamp" and find ways to make whats old become new and vibrate again! Happy Creating and ReVamping!

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